Ask Joan: Butcher bologna edition

The end of July is here – WOW! Today, I’m rounding up some Ask Joan questions on topics from parks to bologna to restaurants!

What’s inside
1. Where was former Highland Park?
2. Having Twin Pines bologna shipped
3. Seeking info about Naples Cafe
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Huge collection of postcards showing York County’s past

I apologize for the lack of recent posts, everyone! I’m in the middle of a project for the YDR that’s taking 100% of my working hours and then some, but I’m trying to find a few minutes here and there on my own to share what I can.

Today, just a couple of quick and neat things. First, here’s something neat our image technician, my friend Brenda Hake, put together: A gallery of all sorts of postcards showing York County in the past, more than 60 of them altogether. You may have seen many of them in earlier blog posts, but here they are much larger and all in one place. I hope you enjoy!

Next, for those of you on Twitter, you can now follow me @YDRAskJoan for all sorts of local goodness. I’ll update there even when I’m not able to write full posts here, so please stay in touch that way if you can!

Finally, wish me luck… I test tomorrow for my first-degree black belt in tae kwon do at Dover Dragons! I’ve talked about that journey occasionally in the past here, and I appreciate all the support!

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Here’s a quick poll for summer: Are they fireflies or lightning bugs?

Photo by flickr user Takot (click to view original)

Do you call these fireflies…

… or lightning bugs?

This “maybe it’s a Yorkism” question was originally asked of me by one of my fellow YDR editors, Brad Jennings, and I thought it would be great to share and get your thoughts.

In our family, we pretty much use them interchangeably, probably leaning a little heavier toward lightning bugs.

Either way, summer is all about catching them in Sarah’s mesh bug house, then letting them go. (Record so far? 7 at once.)

What do you call them? Comment and let us know!

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Memories of The Swamp and other swimming holes

Betsy Baird of Springettsbury Township shared this former Sunday News clipping of locals, including a Mark Gillespie, swimming in ‘The Swamp,’ a swimming hole on Barshinger Creek, south of Dallastown. Betsy also remembered that area being called ‘Rye.’

I thought, as we kick off summer, it might be fun to hear memories of this and other swimming holes around the county. Some of our Dogtown crew have mentioned a couple in their area, I know, and I would love to hear your thoughts on where you swam!

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More memories of York County’s farmers’ markets

Many longtime readers know I have a passion for York’s farmers’ markets, since my family tended market for many years at the Market and Penn Farmers’ Market, selling baked goods and Fitzkee’s candy. Today, I’d like to round up some more farmers’ market memories and showcase some of our earlier posts on this topic in case you’ve missed them.

Previous posts
March 1, 2008: Fun in Thomasville
Jan. 2, 2009: Market day
June 15, 2010: Candy-store memories
Jan. 3, 2012: More on the former City Market, and on York’s other farmers’ markets and their history

Now, on with some additional farmers’ market memories!

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More memories of York County movie theaters

We’ve talked before about York County’s former movie theaters, and today, I have even more memories to share following up on some previous posts about places like the Hiway (seen above in a photo from reader Allida Carroll) and more!

Previous posts
Jan. 22, 2011: Do you remember some of the older local movie theaters?
March 17, 2011: Memories of movies in York County, and how that relates to ice cream
April 26, 2011: Even more York County movie-theater memories
June 14, 2011: Mail call: A letter about downtown theaters and more
June 25, 2011: Mail call: Ruminations from the desk of an ‘ole geezer’
Feb. 21, 2013: Business advertisements from the York High Weekly in the early 1940s

Here are some new memories on some of those theaters!

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Ask Joan: Long to-do list edition

I’m that person who needs a to-do list. In fact, I might hypothetically write things on it just to cross them off. Today, the list is long, but I feel good about what I’ve accomplished.

What’s inside
1. When, where of Bury’s photo
2. and 3. Memories of Hammschmitt furrier, Sutcliffe
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Ask Joan: All about alpacas edition

Our 13-year-old daughter, Sarah, has officially registered for her first show as a member of the York County 4-H Alpaca Club! It’s through another Pa. 4-H club, and it’ll be taking place in a couple weeks, so we’ve been doing a lot to get ready.

You can see some photos of recent alpaca goodness here on our personal blog, Our School at Home.

They’re wonderful animals – I encourage you to check out one of the many local farms to see them up close!

What’s inside
1. Those bendy wire stuffed creatures
2. Details sought on powwowing locally
3. Recipe for Texas Hot Weiners
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Ask Joan: Gardening edition

Slowly but surely, I’ve tackled our home gardens. I’ve got enough tomatoes growing (from the seeds of last year’s) that I half-think I’ll be opening a roadside stand if they all produce!

What’s inside
1. Following up on Dottie’s Diner
2. Memories of Mitchell Brothers Orchestra
3. Details on Hallam upholstery shop
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Even more memories of the North Pole and Florida Room

This photo from commenter Steve Kohler shows half of the topic of today’s follow-up post: the North Pole and the Florida Room, which we’d previously described as “temperature opposites” on the corner of what is now Route 30 and Sherman Street!

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