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Receipts from York, PA, businesses of the past

Only in York County reader Lorie Redding shares images of receipts of York, PA, businesses that her mother, Rosella Linebaugh, kept from when she and Lorie’s father, Glenn Linebaugh, were first married in the late 1940s.

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Seeking information on York Fair postcard

Only in York County reader Cindy Roach wonders about a 1906 York Fair postcard dated in October, later than the fair was generally held.

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Huge collection of postcards showing York County’s past

I apologize for the lack of recent posts, everyone! I’m in the middle of a project for the YDR that’s taking 100% of my working hours and then some, but I’m trying to find a few minutes here and there … Continue reading

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Library card memories from Joann Hano

Reader Joann Hano shares a photo of her 1983 Martin Library card – with a 5-cents-per-day late fee on overdue books!

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Print your own York International Animal-Time Coloring Book!

Joan Concilio found a copy of an undated York Corp. animal-themed coloring book. The maker of large refrigeration equipment distributed this book to describe its products to both kids and parents.

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Gift suggestions from Fluhrer the Jeweler: Wouldn’t you like some Vaseline jars?

Joan Concilio shows a handout card from Fluhrer the Jeweler, formerly of 17-19 West Market Street in York, PA, with gift suggestions for men and women.

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Ask Joan: Thankfulness edition

The Nov. 20, 2012, edition of Ask Joan seeks information on the former Deppen’s Pretzel Factor in York, PA, discusses the Grand View Point Hotel in Bedford County, and seeks memories of Mr. Pershing’s ballet-dance lessons in York.

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A 1961 wedding reception at the Avalong Dining Room

Reader Sue Shirey shared a copy of a 1961 receipt from her sister-in-law’s wedding reception at York’s former Avalong Dining Room. The total price for 140 guests was $182!

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Collectors’ stamps of Historic York

A reader shared some of a series of Historic York, Pa., collectors’ stamps with Joan Concilio. They include the Warrington Meeting House, McCulloch Mill, Bentzel’s Mill Bridge, the John Schultz House and more.

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A look at the Official Pennsylvania Dutch Guide-Book, a 1960s treasure

Joan Concilio shares information about York County and the Pennsylvania Dutch foods and language from the 1966 edition of the Official Pennsylvania Dutch Guidebook.

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