Bulldog agility

I went to the Bully BowWow PowWow near Manchester with Sam and her bulldog, Diesel, today.

When we were there, Diesel was the only bulldog; but we were told there had been another bulldog there earlier. There were also German shepherds, a Great Pyrenees, a Newfoundland, a miniature bull terrier ( I didn’t even know there was a miniature version of those), a Bernese Mountain Dog, at least one beagle, lots of beautiful pit bulls and many other dogs.

The dogs all seemed to be enjoying themselves, sniffing each other and making friends, and getting lots of attention from the people there.

There was a hula-hoop competition (not what you’re thinking — it was more like musical chairs), and for $1, you could let your dogs try weight-pulling or the agility course.

Sam took Diesel through the agility course, with help from a trainer. Although Diesel seemed less than thrilled, he did do pretty good with the teeter-totter. He didn’t know what to make of the poles, and REALLY didn’t like the blue tunnel.

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