Ana needs room

From Alex H.:
ana1126.jpgAs much as it pains me to do this, I have to. My recent move to a Hershey apartment just isn’t fair to my dog, Ana. Ana is a 6-month-old purebred Alaskan Malamute. She is one of the most loving and helpful puppies I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

Ana currently weighs about 80 pounds, and will continue to grow until she is about a year old — which is why having her in an apartment all day just isn’t working — and with my hours here at the station and a second job I have, it’s no longer fair for me to keep her in a crate or alone by herself all day.

I will tell you though, that Malamutes originated as working dogs and need to be played with, walked, or run around a yard in order to just stay happy. So you can understand that my coming home every evening seeing her lying in a cage with sadness in her eyes is what makes me say this is just unfair to her.

Malamutes are one of the top choices for families with children — don’t let her size scare you away. Under all her fur there is a heart of gold. I have had the joy of having her as my best friend since she was only weeks old and have never had a dog as loyal as Ana.

She has been around adults and children her entire life and loves nothing more than seeing new faces.

In the coming weeks, she will be spayed and have all of her shots updated, along with a general examination.

If anyone is truly interested, has a yard that she can run around in, and can devote the time to her that she deserves, e-mail

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