Spay-neuter clinic at Antietam Humane Society

The Antietam Humane Society will be holding its first low-cost spay/neuter clinic for cats Sunday, Jan, 25. Appointments are required.

Cats should be brought to Antietam Humane Society, 8513 Lyons Road, Waynesboro, PA, by 8 a.m.

Cost for a male cat neuter is $35; cost for spaying a female cat is $45. Vaccines are $10 for rabies and $10 for distemper. Additional charges are $25 for pregnant cats or cryptorchid cats (male cats with undescended testicles).

For an appointment, call (717) 762-9091.

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2 Responses to Spay-neuter clinic at Antietam Humane Society

  1. jamie says:

    need to know when the next time is for my cat to get fixed his name is tiger n is about a year old n spays alot n need to know how much it will be to get him done n do u do shoots for all pets i have two cats a boy n girl,, girl we think she is havin kittens n i have a dog thats gonna be a year in june

  2. Rose Hayes says:

    Do you live in the Antietam area?

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