LOST: Tabby cat in Glen Rock


A male tabby cat with a striped tail was lost in the Hanover Street/Cottage Avenue area of Glen Rock, PA.

His name is Newbie.

He’s very active and friendly, and was wearing a bright-green collar with a bell when last seen. Call 410-336-9365 if you spot Newbie.

If you have lost or found a pet, or if you have a pet that needs a home, send a description of the animal, when and where it was lost or found (if applicable), and a way to contact you to rose@ydr.com or call 717-771-2077. Feel free to include a photo.

For more pet news, visit www.inyork.com/petnews.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Here’s the latest on Newbie. He was last seen Thursday, October 1st on Church Street headed up to Hayward Heights. He’s also been seen on Hanover Street and Cottage Avenue. He may be trying to get back to his old house on Cottage Avenue which was burned in the bad fire August 29th.
    He’s friendly and should come if you call him.

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