HSUS should cut ties with Vick


Michael Vick told a small crowd Tuesday at Covenant Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., that dogfighting is pointless and he doesn’t know why he risked his career for it.

Some quotes from Vick’s speech, taken from an Associated Press story:

“I got caught up in the culture … I never thought that I would get caught.”

“I used poor judgment. I had people around me who didn’t have my best interests at heart.”

Vick also said he feels lucky to be alive after being involved in a dangerous subculture.

“Who knows what could have happened at 3 in the morning when you’re fighting dogs?” he said. “It’s almost like being involved in the streets, dealing drugs, in criminal life.”

My question: Where is the remorse for the abuse and cruelty inflicted on the dogs he used in the dogfighting?

Sounds to me like he’s still thinking only of himself, what it did to his career, what could have happened to him at 3 in the morning, etc.

And — oh, my god — did he really say HE feels lucky to be alive because dogfighting is dangerous?? What about the lives of all those poor dogs?

Note to Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society: You need to distance yourself from this self-serving, self-involved “icon” that you’re trying to use as an example for young people. He still doesn’t get it … he’s still looking at the issue as something that messed up his life, he doesn’t care about all the pain he inflicted.

Is this really what we want our young people to learn?

Read the Associated Press story

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