Colby is friendly with people and other dogs

ari-colby.jpg Animal Rescue’s Pet of the Week is Colby, a Treeing Walker Coonhound approximately 1½ years old.

He is good with other dogs, friendly with people, and would be best in a home with a fenced yard.

For details, call 717-993-3232, e-mail or visit

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  1. Melanie Cameron says:

    Hi…..we recently lost one of our Treeing Walker Coonhounds to Lymphoma. Colby looks so much like our Lindsey!! We have 3 hounds….all rescues (beagle, coonhound and Foxhound). How long have you had Colby? What is his temperment like? Would he fit in with a house full of other dogs? We have an Invisible Fence system in our yard, he would have plenty of room to run. I am not sure we can offer him a home at this time, but would like to know more about him. Thanks!

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