Pilots N Paws seeks help

Editor’s note: If you can help with transport, shelter or overnight, please e-mail pilotsnpaws@gmail.com.

From Pilots N Paws:

Hello Pilots and Volunteers!

We need your help! Last year we were very successful in working together
to move thousands of animals during the Pilots N Paws 5000. This year’s
mission is the “Pilots N Paws Gulf Coast Rescue Flyway: Pilots, planes and
volunteers helping the Animals of NOLA.”

Many of you have likely seen the news reports. There are literally
hundreds, perhaps thousands of animals who need to move out of the New
Orleans/Gulf Coast area. These are perfectly healthy animals who through no
fault of their own have ended up in a shelter.

Many had families who loved them and are direct victims of the oil spill disaster. Their owners have lost their jobs, their homes, have no income and are barely surviving. They
are turning their animals over to various shelters and rescue groups to at
least give their pets a chance at finding someone to care for them.

As we all know, euthanasia is a fact at many shelters, some as many as 900 a
month right now, which is totally unacceptable. We also have an
extreme shortage of volunteer pilots in that area, so we have not been able
to fulfill requests to move these animals to other areas.


On September 18, with the 19th as a backup weather date — possibly even the
following weekend should the weather be totally uncooperative — we are
asking for pilot volunteers to work together to move as many of these fully
vetted animals as possible to three specific areas of the country.
The areas are
Lakeland, Florida; Washington, D.C. (Warrenton, VA) and Caldwell, NJ.

Florida route:
Approximately 60-70 animals will be heading to three organizations in
Florida: The Lakeland SPCA, the Tampa Humane Society and possibly the
Wellington/West Palm Humane Society. Thank you to these three groups for
stepping up and opening their doors!

KNEW, New Orleans Lakefront Airport
KMAI, Marianna Municipal Airport, Marianna, Florida, for transfer to second-leg pilots
KLAL, Lakeland LInder Airport, where rescues will meet the arriving pilots.

D.C./Warrenton, VA, route:
30 animals will be headed to the D.C. area. Lucky Dog Rescue has generously
agreed to receive a few of the dogs, and PetConnet is working with the
Louisiana SPCA to take animals in, as well.

If you are a rescue in the D.C. area and have space for a few more, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the sending groups in New Orleans.

A PNP pilot from Clemson, S.C., has offered to fly and load his Pilatus in New Orleans and head back to Clemson to hand off to other pilots for the second leg of this trip to
Warrenton, VA.

KNEW, New Orleans Lakefront Airport, New Orleans, La.
KCEU, Oconee County Regional Airport, Clemson, S.C.
KHWY, Warrenton-Fauquier Airport , Warrenton, VA, where rescues will meet
the arriving pilots

Caldwell, N.J. route:
20 or more animals headed to Caldwell, N.J. for pickup. PetRescueInc, Friends of Homeless Animals, Dawns Canine Rescue, and
St.Huberts Shelter are willing to accept more rescued animals if we can get
them there.

This is the longest route, and we will truly need several
pilots working together with overnight foster locations on call if needed.

KNEW, New Orleans Lakefront Airport, New Orleans, La.
KTYS, McGhee-Tyson Airport, Knoxville, TN for transfer to second leg pilots
KMGW, Morganton Muni Airport, Morganton, WV for transfer to third leg pilots (emergency overnight fosters and volunteers needed)
KCDW, Essex County Airport in Caldwell, NJ, where rescues will meet arriving

We also have discounted hotel room rates and fuel rates for those pilots
who want to fly down the day before and spend the night in New Orleans.
Transport from Aero Premier FBO at New Orleans Lakefront to the Drury Inn
will be available to and from the hotel.

The receiving areas may be expanded beyond just these three destinations if
we have pilots willing to fly the routes. We have rescues in the Madison,
Wisconsin, area and the Chicago area who are interested in opening their
doors to animals in need. If you are a pilot along the route from New
Orleans to one of these two locations, please let us know and we will
expand our Rescue Flyway!

The caring rescues and shelters involved in preparing and sending these
rescue aniamls are: Louisiana SPCA, PAWS-Friends of Plaquemine Parish Shelter,
Jefferson Parish Shelter East and West, and other small rescue groups who care.

If you are a rescue who can receive animals, please let us know. If you can
offer temporary emergency foster in any of the route locations listed
above, please send us a note as well.

Working together, we can save lives. One of our pilots has a sign in the
side window of her plane that says “This plane has saved __ number of
lives.” Let’s make that number climb next month by transporting as many
animals as possible and giving them a chance to find that very special

For more information, visit pilotsnpaws.org.

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