Teddy’s Pride can help your pets’ teeth

As we all know, brushing your pets’ teeth is not an easy task.

Oragenics offers an all-natural probiotic powder called Teddy’s Pride which might help.

The powder is odorless and flavorless, and can be sprinkled onto your pet’s food.

For details, visit www.teddyspride.com.

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One Response to Teddy’s Pride can help your pets’ teeth

  1. bob says:

    I looked at their list of ingredients. None of the bacteria are on the list of FDA-CVM. AFFCO approved bacteria that may be used in pet products. Also, S. uberis is known to cause mastitis in some animals. Just google it.
    I think they should have hired an animal microbiolist to review their new pet product before they went and relabeled a human product.

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