LOST: Tuxedo cat

lost-cyd.jpgEditor’s note: Cyd was found; he had been hit by a car. His owner would like to thank the thoughtful person who found Cyd and took him to the animal emergency clinic; it allowed his owner to be with him when he passed away.

A tuxedo cat named Cyd, mostly black with white belly and feet, was lost Oct. 28 from Joppa Road in the Leader Heights area of York Township.

He’s built like a Siamese cat, thin body with long legs and tail.

Cyd was wearing a blue collar, no tags, but does have a microchip.

If seen, please call 717-741-4900 or 717-870-0745; or e-mail Janice.Botterbusch@dallastown.net.

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  1. Jan Botterbusch says:

    Sadly, Cyd turned up last evening having been hit by a car on George St. I held him as he passed away at the Animal Rescue Hospital on Queen St. An unnamed rescuer found him and took him there. I wanted to post a comment to thank the person, but I keep getting an error message. If you could assist in posting the comment of thanks to the kind rescuer, I would really appreciate it.
    Again, thanks for this blog. It really made us feel better to know that we were doing all we could to find Cyd.
    Jan Botterbusch

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