‘Curious Critters’

“Curious Critters”, www.curious-critters.com, by David FitzSimmons, printed by Reliance Printing in China, September 2011; ISBN: 978-193660769-3, $19.95 hardcover.

This book, the first in a series, has beautiful, colorful, close-up photos of animals and insects on white backgrounds, which really makes the images stand out. Each one has its own page, with a bit of text written from the critter’s viewpoint. FitzSimmons found the remarkable, bizarre and amusing creatures throughout North America.

From FitzSimmons:

“I am grateful that these animals posed for portraits, allowing me to depict for you their unique colors, textures, shapes and seeming personalities. I hope that white backgrounds, which eliminate distractions, help you notice clues about the animals’ behaviors, diets, life cycles and habitats. Learning about one animal can lead to learning about others. So, as you peruse these portraits of Curious Critters — and listen to their chatter — ask lots of questions. Then seek lots of answers. The curious always learn.

All animals portrayed in this book were handled carefully and not sedated. Some resided at centers dedicated to education, conservation, and rehabilitation. Wild animals were returned safety to their habitats.”

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