‘My Dog is Deaf — But Lives Life to the Full!’

“My Dog is Deaf — But Lives Life to the Full!: A Practical Guide for Owners,” by Jennifer Willms, published in October 2011 by Hubble & Hattie, www.hubbleandhattie.com; ISBN-13: 978-1-84584-381-6; $19.95 paperback.

Excerpt: “A lot of puppies that are born deaf are euthanized, but a deaf dog isn’t significantly disabled; he still has his fine nose and his eyes, which are far more important faculties to a dog. When a deaf dog misbehaves, it’s usually not because he is aggressive or disobedient; generally, it’s because his owner is unaware of the best way in which to communicate with and handle his dog.” This book helps owners of deaf and hard-of hearing dogs learn to communicate with their dogs and train them.

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