For those who wonder why I have so many cats….

On Monday, when unloading groceries from the trunk of my car, this was waiting for me when I came back to close the trunk (he’s not one of mine):

Looks comfy, doesn’t he?

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9 Responses to For those who wonder why I have so many cats….

  1. Cathy Hirko says:

    So, now you have 34 cats?

    • Linda says:

      nobody ever tells how many they have, guess you needed a little diversity, I have one orange cat who looks lost because of all the black and tabby and torbie kitties

  2. Chris says:

    It’s not black. We can’t help you on this one.

    • Rose Hayes says:

      I might have some dark hair dye…. :)
      Just kidding; but maybe it’s time for a little diversity in your household??

  3. Cine Martinez-Argento says:

    You must give off a catnip odor!

  4. Shari says:

    You’re a “CAT MAGNET” :)

  5. Donna Ingersoll says:

    How do they decide who to go to? I’ve been greeted at my door by 4 unknown cats in the last year. I already have a cat and can’t have more. I’ve had to take 3 of them to the YCSPCA. Thank God I found the home of the last one.

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