Praise for SPCA’s initiative to create high-volume spay/neuter clinic

Letter from a reader:

As the president of The Nobodys’ Cats Foundation, recently created to promote the implementation of Trap Neuter Return in south central Pennsylvania, and a York County resident, I applaud the York SPCA’s initiative to create a high-volume spay/neuter clinic based on the respected and proven Humane Alliance model. When realized, this clinic will enable the SPCA to dramatically increase the numbers of animals the public can spay or neuter each year, including free-roaming domestic felines.

Aggressive spay/neuter programs have demonstrated amazing results all around the country. By interrupting the reproduction cycle that results in unwanted kittens and puppies from unaltered pets and free-roaming cats, clinics such as those envisioned by the SPCA lead to significant decreases in shelter euthanasia rates; increases in adoption rates from shelters and rescues; reductions in animal-control, codes-enforcement, and policing costs; and prevention of suffering among domestic and wild species.

I encourage all York County residents to express their support for this effort to the Commissioners of York County, who are considering the SPCA’s initiative. Such a clinic will establish York County and its residents at the forefront of a growing strategy for humane management.

Christine Arnold

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2 Responses to Praise for SPCA’s initiative to create high-volume spay/neuter clinic

  1. Linda Mummaw says:

    I agree a high volume spay neuter program is needed. I just feel the money that they want to use to build a new building could be better used for the actual spay and neuters and use an existing empty building which there are plenty of in this county!

  2. Kevin Smith says:

    Hi Linda,

    Thank you very much for your comments and support of this important endeavor. A new building will not be required. The YCSPCA will be remodeling its existing space to conform with Humane Alliance standards. Numerous options and alternatives were considered during the feasibility study. The optimal solution, from both an operational and cost efficiency standpoint, was a remodel of the existing shelter.

    The completion of this project will truly be a “win-win” for the YCSPCA and the local community!

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