‘We love black cats!’

In honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day (Aug. 17), I posted several photos of the black kitties that live with me, and asked readers to share photos of their black cats. Lori Lehman of Paradise Township (near Spring Grove, PA) submitted this photo to the Daily Record/Sunday News online pets gallery. Lehman writes: ‘Jaspur, the great family cat hanging out in the playhouse. We love black cats!’ What a handsome kitty!

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  1. Whitney says:

    The beautiful black cat (quite likely a pure-bred Burmese) I adopted from a local no-kill shelter after a tussle with Alexandria, VA’s city shelter led to my love affair with black pets. Black cats & dogs are the first to hit the shelter & the last to leave — if ever! And black cat owned humans are very exclusive club members — meeting other members in the most unexpected places. My black cat, Gabrielle, passed away in 6/2007 following 2-yrs of chronic illnesses & my beautiful Persian-Maine Coon, Lulu, died in 1/2009. I’m currently Mom to 2 spoiled, black lab-chow rescues — Annabelle (more Chabrador) & Sebastian (overwhelmingly Chowbrador) — who are beloved by all. If Sebastian were even remotely cat friendly (& I’m not talking a little garlic, a little butter!), I’d have a couple of black cats too. However, the universe seems to have other plans for me/the 3 of us.

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