Keep pets safe during Hurricane Sandy (Frankenstorm)

From New Jersey Schnauzer Rescue Network shared the following suggestions for keeping your pets safe during Hurricane Sandy:

1. Emergency shelters welcoming pets will require proof of vaccinations. Take proof of each pets vaccinations with you.

2. If you don’t have a current photograph of your pet, take one and keep it with you. It’s good to have a printed photo, not just a photo on your smart device/phone; without power you may not be able to charge and use your electronic devices.

3. Each animal should have a properly sized pet carrier/crate. Carriers should be large enough for the animal to stand and turn around. Emergency shelters may require a crate/carrier in order for your Schnauzer to be admitted.

4. Pack a GO BAG for your pet that includes: proper ID (including immunization records, microchip information, and a photo); ample supply of food; ample supply of bottled water; medications; muzzle, collar and leash. Place medical records in a zip lock bag so they stay dry.

5. Include your pet in your evacuation strategy. Evacuation shelters in NYC will allow pets accompanied by their people that have no other place to go. Pennsylvania State Emergency Response Team ( and its County Animal Response Teams (CARTs), as well as Empire State Animal Response Teams ( are valuable sources of information. Or contact your local Red Cross or check their website for the location of an emergency shelter ( Other possible refuges for your pet are veterinary clinics, boarding facilities, pet friendly hotels (, and friends’ or relatives’ homes.

6. If a storm is imminent, bring pets indoors well in advance. Remain calm, and be sure to reassure them frequently. This is a good time to use Thundershirts, Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) products, and calming techniques.


For the latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center, go to: /

Are you located in a hurricane evacuation zone? Find out at

To read more about NYC disaster planning, visit; emergency preparedness for your pets, ; and evacuation and disaster sheltering,

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