York County SPCA: Growing … to stop growth

Guest blog from Melissa Smith, York County SPCA:

The York County SPCA is gearing up to build an addition to our shelter near Emigsville, Manchester Township. Our current facility opened in 2006, but our shelter may still be “new” in the public’s mind. Thinking back to pre-construction, we were excited to have so much more space for housing animals than we ever had in our old facility in Thomasville.

But within six months, we were astonished to reach full capacity. Six years later, our shelter is continually full of homeless animals. We opened several “satellite” shelters around York County, placing even more adoptable animals in local pet supply stores.

Still, it’s not enough space for the thousands of homeless animals brought to the York County SPCA. For the past few years, that number has been approximately 7,000.

Unfortunately, there are just not enough families willing and able to adopt. Shelters in our neighboring counties, and across the U.S., face this same problem.

What’s the solution? High-volume spaying and neutering to prevent so many unwanted animals.

And we’ve formed a partnership with Humane Alliance in Asheville, NC, so we can learn their ground-breaking model of spay/neuter to reduce animal overpopulation.

Our veterinarians are learning new, less-invasive surgical techniques so they can sterilize more animals per day. The surgical process will be efficient and allows the animal to recover more quickly. Our veterinary technicians are also receiving training and will play a key role in these procedures.

Check out www.humanealliance.org to learn more. Humane Alliance reached a 75 percent reduction in euthanasia by implementing this new process.

We want these results for our county, too.

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