Foal rejected by mother is very sick, donations and prayers needed

Amanda Sorvino, daughter of actor Paul Sorvino and sister to actress Mira Sorvino, is caring for a few-days-old foal that was rejected by his mother. The poor little guy is very sick and will need a lot of hospital care, as well as prayers and good thoughts. The foal’s name is Weekend Prayers. Amanda is an animal advocate and very active in rescue, especially of horses.

(Some local residents might remember Amanda and her daughter, Bizz, from when they attended Puppy Mill Awareness Day events held several years ago in Lancaster County, PA.)

Editor’s note: Weekend Prayers passed away after a week of fighting for his life. It looked like he was going to make it for a while — there was even a day when he was walking on his own and watching TV — then he took another turn for the worse and didn’t pull through.

From Amanda:

“Bizz and I had to bring Prayers into the house last night in the thick of the ruthless wind and snow storm. He never would have survived the night in his stall with all of the odds against him.

He is rapidly deteriorating, and the vet cannot come out in these weather conditions. (2 feet of snow in our gated horse community and all cars that are not 4 wheel drive or do not have snow chains are not allowed beyond the gates).

Prayers is having chronic diarrhea and is weakening by the hour … he can no longer stand on his own and is severely dehydrated. He needs IV fluids immediately. I will have to call surgery centers within driving distance and find one with the best infant foal care emergency unit, and hope that the hospital will be willing to work with rescue.

Thank you for all your prayers .. we will now need pledges for donations to the hospital to save his life. We will not need the donations until an equine hospital is decided upon and we will make arrangements with the surgery center office management to accept funds directly through the hospital for Prayer’s emergency hospital care. Bizz’s heart is breakin,g and mine as well. Never have we met a sweeter and more determined to live-infant than Weekend Prayers.”

For more information, visit Amanda Sorvino’s Facebook page.

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