Cat found near death, now recuperated, seeks forever home

Betty Boop (aka – Missy) has been given a second chance at life and is in need of a loving forever home. In September 2011, a family found her lying on the porch of a vacant home. At first glance, they thought she was dead, but she was just in really bad condition.

The vet said Betty Boop was extremely dehydrated and malnourished. The family nursed her back to health, and in March 2012, Betty Boop went to live in another home, because the family who had found her had problems with allergies.

Now, poor Betty Boop is once again seeking a home. She’s confined to a spare bedroom because the home already has two cats and a dog, and the family feels this isn’t fair to Betty Boop.

She’s a pretty little tortoiseshell kitty, spayed and front-declawed, approximately 4 years old. The family said she’s a very sweet and quiet little girl, who never jumps up on anything (except a sofa or chair, to sit on someone’s lap).

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