Gorky, a gray-and-white tuxedo kitten, available for adoption

Gorky is a gray-and-white baby male kitten with a fluffy coat. Gorky, his six siblings and mom have been in the foster home since the kittens were only 1 week old; birthdate is estimated to be around Jan. 11.

“Gorky is very laid back; as a little kitten he would not make his way out at feeding time, we had to bring him out, writes Kim, his foster mom. “As he is getting older, he is out and about playing with his family. Gorky and his siblings love human contact; we syringe fed them to help mom. Bottle-feeding makes kittens very friendly.”

Gorky should be ready for adoption by the end of March. An adoption application is available online at ycspca.org (his AFS number is 83801) or contact Kim or Ken at All About the Kitties, the York County SPCA satellite where Gorky is living, at 717-225-5095 or email allaboutthekitties@gmail.com.

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One Response to Gorky, a gray-and-white tuxedo kitten, available for adoption

  1. John & Robin Hurlock says:

    We are look for a new baby to bring home Lewes Delaware that would bring us the joy that our Margaret (Maggie) Mae Hurlock brought to us for 13.5 years and her sister Emily Harriet Hurlock we adopted in 9/2000. We own our home and unable to have children; consider our four paw babies our children. We lost Maggie and Emily 1/25/2014 to Gastrointestinal Lymphoma. We have excellent credentials from Vet, family and friends. Only the best care. Dr. Jamie Weise can be contacted @ 302-231-8115 for one of many references. We miss Maggie & Emily and know that we are not replacing her. We just feel that we would like to save another furry life and that we have the financial means to give a great forever home. We had girls so we thought a male would be the choice for our new baby. I love the look of Gorky and hope that we have an opportunity to bring him home in March.
    March would be great timing for us as we will always honor Maggie and Emily but are also wanting to move forward. My husband is retired and I am a retired RN that works three hours (11-2) M-F at Cape High School to balance work and marriage. We do not travel; we love our home but feel a void that we would love to hear the pitter patter of paws once again in our home. Please let us know if Gorky is still available. We can give more information as needed if adoption is offered to more forward. I promise Gorky would want for nothing and would be greatly loved. We are in our forever home which we want to share with open heart and arms to Gorky. Thank you 302-703-6256

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