Many types of abused and disabled animals can get prosthetics

A dog named Pay de Limon (Lemon Pay) runs fitted with two front prosthetic legs at Milagros Caninos rescue shelter in Mexico City on Aug. 29. Members of a drug gang in the Mexican state of Zacatecas chopped off Limon’s paws to practice cutting fingers off kidnapped people, according to Milagros Caninos founder Patricia Ruiz. Fresnillo residents found Limon in a dumpster bleeding and legless. After administering first-aid procedures, they took him to Milagros Caninos, an association that rehabilitates dogs that have suffered extreme abuse. The prosthetic limbs were made at OrthoPets in Denver, Colorado, after the shelter was able to raise more than $6,000. (REUTERS/Tomas Bravo)

Hoppa, a 4-year-old mixed-breed dog born without front legs, uses a prosthetic device to walk outside in the central Israeli city of Tel Aviv in February 2010. The device was invented especially for Hoppa by an animal-loving art student, who hopes his wheeling device will improve the lives of pets born with abnormalities or with amputated limbs. (REUTERS/Amir Cohen)

Tzvika, an injured female turtle, walks with the aid of her newly attached wheels at the Wildlife Hospital in the Ramat Gan Safari near Tel Aviv in January 2011. Tzvika was run over by a lawn mower and suffered severe damage to her shell, and a spinal injury that affected her ability to use her rear limbs. The wheels, attached by veterinarians at the safari, elevate the turtle to keep the shell from being worn down and enable her to walk. (REUTERS/Nir Elias)

An Indian horse nicknamed Macho, fitted with an artificial leg, enjoys a meal in Bombay in June 2003. Doctors amputated the horse’s front right leg and gave him a plaster of Paris prosthetic after an animal welfare group found him on a highway bleeding from a leg wound. (REUTERS/Roy Madhur)

Oscar the cat had his hind legs severed by a combine harvester, but can walk again after being fitted with prosthetic limbs in a world-first operation. Oscar was given a pair of artificial limbs by veterinary surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick, using a technique developed by a University College London team. (REUTERS/Handout)

A 48-year-old female elephant named Motala walks on her newly attached prosthetic leg in August 2009 at the Elephant Hospital in Lampang province, north of Bangkok. Motala’s front left leg was maimed after she stepped on a land mine at the Myanmar-Thai border. (REUTERS/Phichaiyong Mayerku)

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