Help needed for barn cats in East Prospect/York area; property owner in hospital, paralyzed

Letter from Heavenly Paws Animal Shelter:

A friend of my sister’s, Minnie, has a friend who is in the hospital and paralyzed. Minnie called me and has counted 30-35 ferals at the ill lady’s barn in East Prospect/York. Some pregnant already. I am trying to get help from as many groups and individuals as possible to get this issue resolved quickly. Minnie will pay what she can to have them spayed and neutered, but let’s face it, even at $30 each that would be $900-$1,000. More than most people can pay.

Heavenly Paws is donating food and bedding. HP will also try to take in kittens and friendly adults for placement; however, she said there are only four she can touch.

My questions for you are:

1. Anything your group can do to help? Spay/neuter appointments, whether free or paid, etc.

2. On PAWS website it says if you have Humane Society voucher the fee is only $5. How would she get that voucher?

3. Can you help to trap and/or transport?

4. Can you donate toward paying for spay/neuter appointments?

5. Can you donate food and/or bedding?

6. Do you know anyone or farms that these cats can be relocated to? They will need a caregiver.

I have to commend this lady for stepping up and taking on this task. These are not her cats and it’s not even her property. However, her friend needs help and so do these ferals.

Thank you for anything you can offer

Ann Behrendt, president, Heavenly Paws

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