Help needed for barn cats in East Prospect/York area; property owner in hospital, paralyzed

Letter from Heavenly Paws Animal Shelter:

A friend of my sister’s, Minnie, has a friend who is in the hospital and paralyzed. Minnie called me and has counted 30-35 ferals at the ill lady’s barn in East Prospect/York. Some pregnant already. I am trying to get help from as many groups and individuals as possible to get this issue resolved quickly. Minnie will pay what she can to have them spayed and neutered, but let’s face it, even at $30 each that would be $900-$1,000. More than most people can pay.

Heavenly Paws is donating food and bedding. HP will also try to take in kittens and friendly adults for placement; however, she said there are only four she can touch.

My questions for you are:

1. Anything your group can do to help? Spay/neuter appointments, whether free or paid, etc.

2. On PAWS website it says if you have Humane Society voucher the fee is only $5. How would she get that voucher?

3. Can you help to trap and/or transport?

4. Can you donate toward paying for spay/neuter appointments?

5. Can you donate food and/or bedding?

6. Do you know anyone or farms that these cats can be relocated to? They will need a caregiver.

I have to commend this lady for stepping up and taking on this task. These are not her cats and it’s not even her property. However, her friend needs help and so do these ferals.

Thank you for anything you can offer

Ann Behrendt, president, Heavenly Paws

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2 Responses to Help needed for barn cats in East Prospect/York area; property owner in hospital, paralyzed

  1. Hello,
    I am running a small business that only recently started. I cannot provide financial help at this time, but I would be willing to provide transportation and helping to re-home the cats and kittens. I will also be placing this on my Facebook page to try and generate help. Please feel free to contact me and we can set some things up.

    Ashley Martin,

  2. Woodsman says:

    Don’t you realize that people in rural areas have enough of their own battle with destroying cats fast enough without you adding to their shooting quotas?

    Thanks to criminally irresponsible people like you dumping your cats off on neighboring farmers and other rural residents, I had to shoot and bury HUNDREDS of these invasive-species, deadly disease-spreading, piece-of-sh** vermin cats over 3 years ago. Luckily the people in the area learned their lesson and haven’t imported more of these mangy cats for the last 3 years. Their “vacuum effect” is a BALD FACED LIE. Simple reason being: CATS ATTRACT CATS. Shoot every last one on your land and there’s none there to attract more of them. Should even ONE cat ever step foot on your land again? Shoot on sight A.S.A.P. Because if you don’t? You’ll be a**-deep in cats again, destroying all your native wildlife, spreading all their deadly diseases again, and attracting even more cats and worse — more criminally irresponsible cat-dumpers.

    Contrary to these cat-lovers’ lies, feral and stray cats that are dumped in rural areas DO NOT STAY WHERE THEY HAVE BEEN DUMPED. And even if they return to their roost in the morning, all night long they are out in the countryside annihilating all the native wildlife. OR …. being attracted right to the sites of my rifle at night. I found a way to turn my home and land into a 100%-fatal cat-trap. And I’ll do it again should any of you dump your piece-of-sh** problems on any of my neighbors within 2 miles from me ever again. You can count on it. Oh, and I’ve also told others how to turn their homes and lands into 100%-fatal cat-traps. I found a way to turn my home and land into a 100% fatal cat-trap which I now share with everyone who has been plagued by moron cat-lovers. Using IR surveillance cameras and baiting trails of fish-oils along all the roadsides to a feeding dish within range of my laser-sighted rifle. This can totally clean-out ANY stray cats for miles around. VERY EFFECTIVE if you have an idiot problem-neighbor by you. Word is spreading. Pretty soon you’ll have to deal with YOUR problem where YOU live and not go making it someone else’s problem EVER AGAIN.

    For ANY ONE OF YOU to suggest that you trap feral and stray cats and then go dump them off on some unsuspecting person in the country makes you NO LESS CRIMINALLY IRRESPONSIBLE than ANYONE who does the same, no matter if they are sterilized or not!

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