Red Lion-area woman with cancer is losing home, needs help to rehome 17 cats (with photos)

A woman in the Red Lion, PA, area has stage 4 cancer and is losing her home to development; she needs to find homes for 17 cats.

Sharon’s son said she has been renting the farm for 30 years but the property has been sold and she has to move out by the end of March. She’s moving in with her 93-year-old dad in Center Square, PA, and can only take her one indoor cat.

The cats are former strays that are believed to have been dropped off near her house. Sharon is on SSI and can’t afford spay/neuter surgeries, so none of the cats have been spayed or neutered.

This little guy was extremely friendly after I was there for a bit.

She said the cats are all very tame once they get to know you.

They’ve been living outdoors at the farm, but are not feral; when I visited the farm today most of the cats were nearby, although being cautious because I was a stranger.

Some eventually came up to me and allowed me to pet them, and once they trusted me they were very friendly.

I was only there for about an hour; I think if I had stayed longer more of the kitties would have approached to be petted. I’m sure many of them would adapt quite well to living indoors.

As promised, I took photos of many of the kitties — they’re all quite beautiful and appear to be healthy. I didn’t see any signs of ear mites or fleas, nor the sniffles you sometimes see in outdoor cats.

Are there any no-kill shelters who can take in one or two of the cats? Or maybe some people who would like to adopt a kitty or two? If you can help in any way, contact Sharon at 717-246-1098; or her son, Joe, at 717-344-2355.

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19 Responses to Red Lion-area woman with cancer is losing home, needs help to rehome 17 cats (with photos)

  1. Jeanne Stiny says:

    The black cat looks like my Casper, who got out of the house a while back…is it a boy or a girl?

  2. jane says:

    sweet little cats deserve to find homes and survive- hope people will come forward and each take a kitty as a pet or indoor/outdoor kitty.spread the word toothers. time is running out

  3. jane heller says:

    sweet little kitties deserve a chance at life- hoping folks come forward to take one as a house pet, or indoor/outdoor kitty- spread the word- time is short.

  4. Tammy Hengst says:

    Try Friends of All Animals in Lebanon if you don’t have any luck around here. They are a foster proram, no building, just fosters homes, great people~!

  5. Misty Avery says:

    Contact these people maybe they can help

  6. Joe M. says:

    I would like to help her out. We have a big barn in Schuylkill County. They would love it at our place. I could possibly take 4 if they would still be around in 2 weeks.

  7. Loretta Wietry says:

    What is the status with this situation? Has anyone stepped up to help? I’ve been sharing on several groups on Facebook in hopes someone or rescue will help out. Thank you.

    • Rose Hayes says:

      As far as I know, there’s only one person who offered to take any of the cats so far; Joe from Schuylkill County said they could possibly take four.
      Jane gave him the contact info for the people so he can contact them directly.

    • Rose Hayes says:

      Contact Sharon at 717-246-1098; she’ll know which ones have been adopted, etc.

  8. Rick Lewis says:

    I may be able to help with some of the younger friendly ones. I work with a transport rescue group. Feel free to email me with the status of these cats.

  9. Cat Crusaders says:

    We May be able to send younger ones to a no kill facility for adoption…
    need to be tested and neg for both leuk and aids and have distempers

  10. Linda says:

    My heart is breaking for these poor cats!!

  11. Linda says:

    The black kitty in the picture above went to a home today, one of the neighbors took him. 2 others were adopted also.

  12. Linda says:

    Jeanne who asked the sex of the black cat. It was male. Was yours neutered or not?

  13. Linda says:

    Is anybody still willing to help with these cats???? I have 2 males, neutered, rabies shot, feline leukemia negative, I will give distemper shots and flea treatment and worm them. They are very friendly. you can email for more information. They are both the tiger over white kitties.

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