Red Lion-area woman with cancer is losing home, needs help to rehome 17 cats (with photos)

A woman in the Red Lion, PA, area has stage 4 cancer and is losing her home to development; she needs to find homes for 17 cats.

Sharon’s son said she has been renting the farm for 30 years but the property has been sold and she has to move out by the end of March. She’s moving in with her 93-year-old dad in Center Square, PA, and can only take her one indoor cat.

The cats are former strays that are believed to have been dropped off near her house. Sharon is on SSI and can’t afford spay/neuter surgeries, so none of the cats have been spayed or neutered.

This little guy was extremely friendly after I was there for a bit.

She said the cats are all very tame once they get to know you.

They’ve been living outdoors at the farm, but are not feral; when I visited the farm today most of the cats were nearby, although being cautious because I was a stranger.

Some eventually came up to me and allowed me to pet them, and once they trusted me they were very friendly.

I was only there for about an hour; I think if I had stayed longer more of the kitties would have approached to be petted. I’m sure many of them would adapt quite well to living indoors.

As promised, I took photos of many of the kitties — they’re all quite beautiful and appear to be healthy. I didn’t see any signs of ear mites or fleas, nor the sniffles you sometimes see in outdoor cats.

Are there any no-kill shelters who can take in one or two of the cats? Or maybe some people who would like to adopt a kitty or two? If you can help in any way, contact Sharon at 717-246-1098; or her son, Joe, at 717-344-2355.

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