Patton Veterinary Hospital offers feline-only hours

Starting in June, Patton Veterinary Hospital will offer feline-only hours from 1 to 3 p.m. Wednesdays.

During that time, they will only schedule appointments for cats, so there will be no dogs in the waiting room, which is good if you have a cat that gets extra-nervous around dogs.

Let’s face it, your kitty probably gets stressed enough just being put in a carrier and hauled to the vet’s office in a car; why add to the stress by sitting in a waiting room full of dogs that are barking, etc.?

Patton Vet Hospital will further make your cats comfortable with plush towels, non-slip mats and Feliway — maybe even some relaxing mood music!

But don’t worry — if your dog needs emergency care during those hours, the doctors will still be available for those situations.

Find out more online at To schedule a feline-only appointment, call 717-246-3611.

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