Paranormal Comics to perform Oct. 11 at Central PA Animal Alliance fundraiser

LOCATION HAS CHANGED!: The event is now at the Convention Center at the Radisson Hotel, 1150 Camp Hill Bypass, Camp Hill, PA. Tickets will be available at the door; cost is $20.

What do you get when you combine standup comedy, animal communication and tarot card readings?

Paranormal Comics, of course. Comedians Sonya King and Karen Rontowski team up to entertain audiences with this unique blend of talents. Oh, and Karen also does a bit of ghost hunting after the show, if there are any local hauntings for her to check out. Both also practice reiki — Sonya is a reiki master and Karen is a reiki practitioner.

The pair has been doing shows together as the Paranormal Comics since January.

“The show is for everybody, even people who aren’t that into the paranormal,” said Karen.”We do a really good show and add the paranormal on the end.”

They do a lot of fundraisers for animal causes, because both are animal lovers, but also do fundraisers for other causes. They have a show at 8 p.m. Oct. 11 at Wesley Center, Camp Hill United Methodist Church, 417 S. 22nd St., Camp Hill, PA, which will benefit Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance .Tickets will be sold at the door and online at Cost is $21.50.

The Paranormal Comics will also perform during New Year’s Eve with Sonya King and Karen Rontowski beginning at 8 p.m. Dec. 31 at Wellsville Fire Company, 95 Community St., Wellsville, PA. For details, visit

“Standup comedy is just … I can’t do without that. And I feel the same way about animal communication. To be able to bring them together for the benefit of the animals, it just feels right,” said Sonya. “It’s not limited to animal causes; we can do benefits for any organization.”

Each woman also performs a solo comedy act, and both have appeared on television.

The two women met when Karen’s dog, Courage, was very ill and the veterinarians didn’t seem to be able to help him. A mutual friend, who is also a comedian, told Karen she should ask Sonya to communicate with Courage to see what was wrong.

“The first time, it was something physical. The second time she talked to him, a dark energy had followed someone into my home, and it was making Courage sick,” Karen said. “There’s things that are darker than ghosts, and it was sort of stuck in my house. I did a cleansing on the house, and it helped. It purged out well, a matter of seconds. It was very odd; of all the ghost-hunting I’ve done I never had anything follow me home. But someone else came to my house and brought something with them.”

Karen said Courage also had something to say about a dog who lives near them. “He said he doesn’t care for that dog. He said ‘I have a job, a very important job. I have to travel with Mom and help her. That dog doesn’t have a job, he’s not important.'”

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