Maine Coon-type cat lost in Pinehurst Road, Springettsbury Township, area

tiajhe2 Received this note from a reader who lost a cat in the Pinehurst Road, Springettsbury Township (York, PA) area. The cat looks like a Maine Coon cat, with a lion cut. If you think you’ve seen this cat, call 717-542-7916 or email

Tiajhe is a rescue from Egypt. She came to me an emotional and physical mess. She is healthy now and very social. She resembles a Maine Coon. She has a lion cut. She is wearing a green collar with a flower on it. She is a cat that was raised outside. She comes in and out. She loves the roof; just like a pyramid! She has a neighborhood fan club. People come to the yard and call her name. She comes to greet them and get treats. She hasn’t been seen since 7/18/2015. I actively T-N-R and completely understand the risks with inside/outside cats.

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