Penn State loses Jarron Jones to Fighting Irish

It appears as if Penn State has lost highly-regarded defensive tackle Jarron Jones for good.

The 6-foot-7, 300 pound-plus lineman has reportedly verbally committed to Notre Dame — months after he had verballed and then backed off of a commitment to the Nittany Lions, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Rochester, N.Y. prospect is considered an elite five-star recruit by national services. It seemed like Penn State was on a huge recruiting role back in the spring when Jones and New Jersey’s Jamil Pollard, another stud defensive lineman, verballed close together.

But Pollard has his scholarship offer pulled because of academic problems and Jones backed off his pledge and quickly zeroed in on the Fighting Irish.

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3 Responses to Penn State loses Jarron Jones to Fighting Irish

  1. KG says:

    Why sensationalize it by saying he “snubs” Penn State…is it possible after hearing Pollards scholarship was pulled back due to academic issues, maybe he has some academic issues himself? Why don’t do some investigative reporting and tell us why he changed his mind?

  2. Roy Holmes says:

    2nd year in a row the Lions have lost a highly regarded recruit to the Irish plus losing another 2 years ago to the Gators. Can’t we keep the door closed or
    we do not pamper spoiled football players?

  3. John Koser says:

    The smartest move these players made,Penn State is now a losing team as long as Joe stays, he will not leave until his braindead son takes over. No wonder all the top teams give high praise to Joe. It is a easy win for one great program in the past. I have been a fan of Penn State for 60 years and it is so sad to see a team go down hill in the last 10 years.

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