YDR editorial: Paterno didn’t need a pension

Today’s staff editorial at YDR.com argues that Joe Paterno and other highly paid state employees should not get pensions. The family of the late coach is slated to get $13.4 million.

Here’s an excerpt:

…The payment – a lump sum of $10.1 million and the rest paid out over the next two years – makes a strong case for reforming the state pension system.

Coach Paterno’s pension comes from the State Employees’ Retirement System, which covers everybody from a PennDOT flagger to the highest-paid employee in the state. As it is, the formula for determining pensions cuts off at $240,000 a year – still a pretty good figure. Even at that income level, a person should be able to provide for a comfortable retirement without having to collect a pension.

And that may be the issue. A number of very highly paid state employees are able to get huge pensions at a time when current employees are concerned about the future of the system.

What do you think?

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One Response to YDR editorial: Paterno didn’t need a pension

  1. Joseph Goldstein says:

    He paid in that money and should get it back. It certainly is not JoePa’s fault that the state has rules that you don’t agree with. It certainly is not his fault that the economy is bad. This is a democracy and laws can be changed. If you believe what you think, work to change the laws. You certainly are not suggesting to take money off people post factum, if and when the law is changed, so leave JoePa out of it and let him rest in peace.

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