Remember this Nittany Lion? The Lift for Life Man of Steel

Surely, John Shaw still has painful memories of those Lift for Life workouts in Holuba Hall.

 A new era of Penn State football means a new era of Lift for Life. 
The annual midsummer’s workout festival that raises money to fight kidney cancer is now getting a facelift under new head coach Bill O’Brien and new strength and conditioning leader Craig Fitzgerald.
There will be a new team-oriented format Friday afternoon for the same great cause.

The fantastic fan autograph and photo opportunities will still be there, too. 
This has to be one of the best, right? York County’s own John Shaw lugging giant barbell plates across Holuba Hall back in 2004. 
Shaw, a workout fanatic, was one of the best performers every year at Lift for Life. 
(He received no bonus points, however, for going shirtless). 

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2 Responses to Remember this Nittany Lion? The Lift for Life Man of Steel

  1. john gaydos says:

    Any idea what John is doing?
    We were his host family when he played Big 33 and have lost touch with him

    • Frank Bodani says:

      Good question, John G. The last we heard John Shaw was working for the family worm farm. Really. I’m not making that up. But we should try to update. Thanks!

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