Poll: Should NCAA approve Grambling’s request to erase Paterno wins?

The city of Grambling, La., has asked the NCAA infractions committee to vacate some of Joe Paterno’s record 409 Division I victories.

If that happened, Grambling State University coach Eddie Robinson would likely take over as the winningest Division I football coach. Paterno passed Robinson for the record less than two weeks before he was fired amid the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

Grambling city attorney Pamela Breedlove said the recent report accusing Paterno of helping to cover up the allegations against Sandusky are enough to give the record back to Robinson. Read the full story here.

What do you think? Share your opinion in our poll, and post your rationale in the comments.

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5 Responses to Poll: Should NCAA approve Grambling’s request to erase Paterno wins?

  1. v says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT SHOULD BE VACATED HE DEOSN’T DESERVE IT.

    • Mark says:

      You people are insane this is not about Joe Paterno and some stupid record this is all about kids children hurt and scarred forever. Not only did that disguisting pig of a man Sandusky ruin children’s lives now the NCAA is stepping in and telling those young men who played for Penn State and wore those colors in pride oh by the way because of Penn States lack of taking action against that pervert the NCAA says if you played for PSU from 98 -2011 it doesn’t count, those games you played so hard in and trained so hard to win never happened basically you are nothing you never existed you do not matter. I understand every decent human being is sickened over what happened at that university and want justice for all those kids that Sandusky molested I to want to see everyone involved in jail and if Paterno was alive he in my opinion should be placed right beside Sandusky in prison along with all of the other conspirators in the case. But really folks how many kids are going to continue being hurt by this scandal. Who really benefits from this Eddie Robinson? Because as far as i can see by punishing those kids who played in the last 111 wins serves only Robinson. For some of these kids who played for PSU during those wins were highlights in there lives the Bowl games they won the sacrifices they made to balance football and school knowing that when the graduate they will no longer play football again. The kids who walked on the field and tried out and made the team oh by the way it never happened. But who cares Eddie Robinson is happy he gets his record back that’s all that matters the NCAA does not want to be called racist so who cares about the hundreds of kids that played from 98 to 2011 for PSU because they don’t matter if you wanna hurt PSU shut the program down for a few years give those kids there wins back. Paterno was guilty in this whole matter there is no question he did nothing when he should have. But the last time I checked the kids did nothing and are the victims. Sandusky is an embarrassment to himself his family and the students he coached. His actions are shameful and I am truly sorry for the victims and there families. But in my opinion the NCAA just gave Sandusky even more victims by telling those football players who worked their butts off to win those 111 games they do not count. Well I am saying they do, the NCAA can say those wins are gone but guess what any true college football fan will know those games did matter those players played with heart blood sweat and tears and that will never be stripped from them. Put Eddie Robinsons name in all the history books as the most winning coach. Football fans will always know Paterno may have been a despicable man but he will always be the coach with the most wins in NCAA history. You can try and take it away because of this scandal you can even change the names in history books but all the fans of college football will forever know how Eddie Robinson got the title of most wins, you got it by default you will forever be known as the guy who got the title back because of Jerry Sandusky. To wrap it up do not punish more kids for Penn States sins, and congratulations to Eddie Robinson you got your title back at the cost of ruining the memories of hundreds of young men along the way oh 1 more thing, just like Paterno your name will forever be connected to Penn State and that no good sack o crap child Molester Sandusky. To me that is amusing Mr. Robinson your selfishness has forever linked you to the worst scandal in college football history you pushed hard and won and you truly deserve that connection with the rest of those low life’s you created more victims congratulations to the man who took over as the most winningest coach in NCAA history after Joe Paterno was stripped of the title because of the Jerry Sandusky scandal and because Eddie Robinson pushed so hard he forced the NCAA to treat the young men who played for Joe Paterno as conspirators in the Sandusky molestation case. One final note whenever you search for the name Edddie Robinson on the computer in the not so distant future Joe Paterno ,Penn State , Jerry Sandusky oh yea and Grambling will appear on all searches congratulations on ruining more lives and creating more victims for a name in a book that most people could careless about. The NCAA and yourself should be ashamed. You will always be 2nd place no matter what the books say.

  2. Ron says:

    This is one of the dumbest and self-serving things I have heard in a long time. People get upset and say, ‘they chose football over the kids’ then these same people do the same thing.

  3. mitch bradley says:

    Ridiculous…Joe Paterno never gained ANY competitive advantage by the horrible things SANDUSKY did. I just can’t believe the moronic comments and knee-jerk reacting, bandwagon-jumping people out there. Enough already. Sandusky will rot in jail (and hell), Curley-Shultz and Spanier will get theirs. Joe is gone. Leave the man ALONE! “Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone.”

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