PSU live chat, NCAA sanctions edition, 8 p.m. Monday

There will be no shortage of things to talk about in this week’s Penn State football live chat. Join Frank Bodani at 8 p.m. Monday to ask questions and share your thoughts on the latest developments in the Sandusky scandal. Here are some of Sunday’s headlines, and be sure to check at 9 a.m. Monday when the NCAA announces its punishment for Penn State.

— Frank Bodani column: Put down the pitchforks, push for positive change
Joe Paterno statue removed from outside Beaver Stadium

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3 Responses to PSU live chat, NCAA sanctions edition, 8 p.m. Monday

  1. Gary Smith says:

    Amazing how Cheaply we got off, while years ago, SMU was given the Death Penalty, Guess raping young fellas is Not as bad as paying players who make your team millions.

  2. Bobby says:

    Even with a 4 year ban, 2013 recruits can still play in two bowl games if they burn a redshirt. Also whatever happened with Baylor and the NCAA. Someone got murdered and players were told to lie?

  3. chris says:

    Diplomas got packed away. I sifted through all my clothes to eliminate as much Penn state garb as possible. I sold season tickets to football and basketball, almost giving them away. I’m embarrassed. I’m done. What the current administration has done to PSU in short order is irreversible. I will miss much about happy valley, but I’m sticking with my decision, sadly.

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