A Penn State glimpse from a year ago …

It’s become difficult to even remember another time for Penn State football, what it felt like anymore.
But go back just one year. To last summer. 
Things really weren’t completely different because we knew authorities were investigating Jerry Sandusky on possible child-sex-abuse charges. 
But who could have predicted the upcoming chain of events? Even close to it? 
So then last summer was truly a calm. Silas Redd was getting the starting job to himself. The Alabama game was coming. 
And despite the typical harping by fans and media members, Paterno’s coaching staff was putting together a rather impressive class of recruits. 
And the leader was linebacker Cam Williams from Massachusetts. 
He was a pied piper of sorts, calling and texting and convincing other high-profile high school players to join Penn State — or at least consider them seriously. 
Just a year ago, Williams talked about how Joe Paterno Skyped with him and highly-touted teammate Armani Reeves, would-be cornerstones of the Penn State class. 
Williams had this to say then: “Coach Paterno is probably the best coach in the history of college sports, and Coach Paterno Skyping me and (Reeves) and to know who we are … 

Last summer, Joe Paterno seemed to be on an upswing physically and was still luring recruits to Penn State.

“It definitely proved a point to me. (Paterno) was really on top of his program, not like what we were hearing. I was really relieved. 
“Yeah, he looked good. It was a great conversation. He said he feels great right now and he wants to keep coaching until he doesn’t feel great. He feels like he’s got six more years left in him.” 
That’s a glimpse into how things still felt just a year ago. 
Just a few weeks before preseason camp, then the season began. Just a few months before the Sandusky scandal broke, Paterno was fired and Williams and Reeves ended up signing with Ohio State. 
Just before everything changed, it seemed, forever. 

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One Response to A Penn State glimpse from a year ago …

  1. guistizia says:

    First of all, the child victims must be assisted in every way possible by Penn
    State, in the coming years. The $60 million dollars should be used exclusively
    for the actual victims of Jerry Sandusky’s crimes and those in power who showed
    an astounding lack of concern for the children.

    Secondly, I do not blame one player who transfers, although I do have an
    alternative suggestion that would make a most powerful statement to the world
    about Penn State values. Therefore, as to the current players, I suggest that
    they remain at Penn State, in their current scholarship status and continue
    pursuing a great education–but boycott the football program for one year.

    The current players are in fact innocent and should not as 18-22 years bear the
    burden of the awful things that occurred, and not perform in classic Roman bread
    and circuses fashion for the alumni, TV audiences, the Big Ten etc.
    Zack, I posted the fallowing to a Penn State fan site. What do you think?

    “Up to this point, the adults have shown they “don’t get it.” Not playing for
    one year would demonstrate to the world that the players themselves “get it.” It
    would be a bold statement from them that playing football is not as important as
    keeping children safe, getting a good education and maturing as a person.

    I therefore urge every current Penn State football player to take one year off
    from football.

    It will be good for you and for everyone who cares about Penn State. Thank you”

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