Video: Ben Kline, Frank Bodani put on their dancing shoes

This one’s a must-see if you’ve followed Frank Bodani and his life on the road covering Penn State, or if you’re a York County football fan who knows Dallastown grad Ben Kline, or, frankly, if you want to have a chuckle.

Frank asked Ben, a Nittany Lion linebacker, about a video he tweeted of himself dancing, and, well, here’s what happened.

Kudos to Frank and Ben for being such good sports.

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5 Responses to Video: Ben Kline, Frank Bodani put on their dancing shoes

  1. Joseph Goldstein says:

    Dear frank,
    With dancing ability like yours, you are being wasted in the journalism field.
    Might I put it anothe way: “don’t quit your day job”
    Fun to watch, keep it up. (not the dancing)

    • Frank Bodani says:

      No need to say anymore, Joe. Completely understand your thoughts! Had some fun with Ben, though. Couldn’t pass that up…

  2. AJ Fiore says:

    Frank, you really do get crazy in your off hours!

  3. Jeffrey Martin says:

    I’d love to say I’m surprised by this, or even a little startled, but no, that’s just F-Bo being F-Bo. It won’t stop me, however, from sending this out to all of our former colleagues. You can thank “The Kid” for that.

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