Storify: Recruits on hand to take in Penn State white out vs. Ohio State

A number of Penn State’s commitments from the 2013 recruiting class made the journey to Happy Valley on Saturday to watch the Nittany Lions take on Ohio State. The atmosphere was charged as the crowd of more than 107,000 showed their spirit with a white out. The Lions lost the game to the Buckeyes, 35-23, but it seemed to be a positive experience for the recruits … and a chance for the Nittany Lion faithful to get up close and personal with the future players.

Continue reading to experience Saturday’s visit to Beaver Stadium through the social media posts of the recruits and the fans.

Penn State recruits on hand for white-out game

Several of the players who have committed to Penn State’s 2013 recruiting class visited Happy Valley on Oct. 27 to take in the Ohio State game. They had the chance to meet with former Nittany Lions and mingle with fans, not to mention experience a Beaver Stadium white out first-hand.

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Can’t wait to be in State College Saturday! It’s gonna be live! #WeAre #PSUAdam Breneman
Up early headed to Happy Valley! #goodthingimnotdriving Christian Hackenberg
Just arrived in Happy Valley. HERE WE GO !!!!Adam Breneman
Chilling with my favorite Penn Stater of all-time @G_Zug_5! Breneman
@Gblack_DidDat3 the real deal. I’ve been everywhere in the SEC and nothing compares to beaver stadium and Nittany Nation.Christian Hackenberg
Got to meet Kerry Collins! @andrew_ford7 Breneman
These recruits were happy to get to spend time with each other, too. …
RT @AdamBreneman81: Can’t wait to meet my future teammate @KG_III today !!Kasey Gaines
@chackenberg1 @AdamBreneman87 here #weare ! Gaines
"I’ve been to a lot of games at a lot of places," @AdamBreneman87 said. "I’ve never seen an atmosphere like that."
Hack and I with the Nittany Lion #WEARE Breneman
Penn State recruits bask in Beaver Stadium white out – The York Daily RecordAdam Breneman and Christian Hackenberg were among dozens of potential commits on hand to see what a Penn State night game is like. Update…
The recruits received a warm welcome from the Nittany Lion faithful on Saturday.  From asking for photos and autographs to offering words of encouragement, the fans did not try to hide their excitement about this group of commits …
Signed my first autograph as a Penn State commit Kasey Gaines
@AdamBreneman87 just waved at me!!!! Malloy
The combination of @chackenberg1 @AdamBreneman87 and @TheRealRichyA_ is going to prove to be deadly in a few years! #WeAre #PennStateJoe Garofalo
@AdamBreneman87 @chackenberg1 stop over by the Famous Amos banner and show us @NittanyvillePSU campers some love #WeAREScott Lattimer
@TheRealRichyA_ @chackenberg1 @AdamBreneman87 one hell of a group if you ask me! #WeAre #oneteamJosh Serafin
LOVE our recruits recruiting/supportng other recruits! #weare #pennstatefamily @chackenberg1 @Gblack_DidDat3 @AdamBreneman87 @TheRealRichyA_MABL
@TheSchoolPhilly @AdamBreneman87 @chackenberg1 The Big Recruits r in the house. The future is in good hands. @m55weiss @markvukTony Ziegler
Just read a great article on 247 about @chackenberg1 #PSU is in good hands with him, @AdamBreneman81 and the rest of incoming classKevin S
@AdamBreneman87 @chackenberg1 Nittany Nation loves you guys!!! Tough loss but you saw the environment we stand by our team! #WeAreDustin Keith Floyd
@chackenberg1 @AdamBreneman87 It was great seeing you two on the sidelines. You both represent what Penn State is all about! #WeAre #OneTeamJoe Garofalo
Wether they like it or not @AdamBreneman87 & @chackenberg1 are already role models to alot of kids, I cant think of 2 more fit to look up toPennStateSuperFan
@AdamBreneman87 the future of Penn State Football … #weR Finn
@AdamBreneman87 @chackenberg1 Great to watch you guys on the sidelines for pre-game yesterday obliging all the kids wanting a photo w/you.Barbara
@AdamBreneman87 @chackenberg1 @TZig72 @MarkIannini @markvuk With the future! These guys are the real deal! #PSU
RT @srsutherland30: 300th tweet goes out to two future PSU stars @AdamBreneman87 @chackenberg1Zak Kampmann
@AdamBreneman87 ! #WeAre Anderson
@PGQue @AdamBreneman87 no doubt best recruiting class in the country despite only have 15 scholarshipsBrad Hoppel
@KG_III @chackenberg1 @adambreneman87 Awesome! #WhiteOut #weareNicole
RT @JrueKinek: @JrueKinek: The man, the future of #PSU football @adambreneman87 (even though Jody scared him) Breneman
RT @ZachKovach: Can’t wait to see @AdamBreneman87 and @chackenberg1 in a Penn state uniform #WeAre #RestoreTheRoarPaul Detwiler
@AdamBreneman87 @chackenberg1 Thanks for taking pictures with are group on sat. My next #PSU jerseys @AdamBreneman87 @chackenberg1#legendsbrett warunek
It was awesome having @chackenberg1 sign my ball last game! Wonder if @AdamBreneman87 could possibly sign it next game Leone
One thing that Penn State fans have taken notice to are the recruiting efforts of several members of the 2013 class, particularly Christian Hackenberg …
@chackenberg1 based on my timeline tonight, I’d say recruiting can be your second career hahahacaiiiiiiiiley
@chackenberg1 Your twitter recruitment of PSU prospects is awesome. Keep it upAustin Nuschke
I love how @chackenberg1 uses twitter as his own recruiting trip #weAre #PSUTrey Proctor

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