My take: Maybe PSU should have shut down football program for a while

Solely my opinion here, folks. After seeing the ridiculous amount of anger and vulgarity spewed toward the officials involved in Saturday’s PSU-Nebraska game, I sent out the following “mini-editorial” in a series of six tweets on @YDRChrisOtto Sunday morning. For what it’s worth, I have felt this way since last November and I realize I’m in the extreme minority.

Here are the original six tweets:

  • The extreme reactions of some (stress *some*) Penn State fans to perceived injustice in a game (a *game*) yesterday in Nebraska… (1/6)
  • …makes me think again that best course of action might have been (self-imposed?) suspension of PSU program for a year or more… (2/6)
  • …The level of fanatacism over PSU football (& amount of revenue that creates) place a disproportionate weight that helped lead to… (3/6)
  • …the alleged actions by some (former) PSU officials to cover up heinous crimes committed by Jerry Sandusky over the years…. (4/6)
  • …my belief: A PSU program hiatus isn’t about “punishment” but time for reflection, perspective & resetting priorities — for all. (5/6)
  • There’s no time for PSU reflection, perspective & resetting priorities when folks are getting worked up over a call in a football game (6/6)

Fire away in the comments section below. I appreciate your thoughts on this.

— Chris Otto, Sports Editor

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83 Responses to My take: Maybe PSU should have shut down football program for a while

  1. JS says:

    I understand your overall perspective on this matter. However, shouldn’t just about every team in the history of sports be shut down according to your logic? Head to Twitter and Facebook after any close lose and you can see their fans overrating to certain players or refs, or whoever they deem responsible for the loss. For example, look at all the death threats aimed at the returner who had a costly fumble in the NFC Championship game. Does the NFL step in and ban the 49ers for a few years because of these idiots? Bottom line, every fanbase has its share of idiots who will overreact after a tough loss.

    • Steve says:

      I completely agree with this comment. I occasionally amuse myself looking at comments on websites after teams lose close games on questionable calls. To suggest that Penn St is worse than any other fanbase is completely ridiculous.

    • David says:

      Agreed, but I don’t think Mr. Otto was suggesting that Penn State should get the death penalty solely because of the recent fan reaction to the Nebraska game.

      What I don’t understand from Mr. Otto’s opinion piece is how a typical sports fan reaction to a referee call is evidence to why Penn State should have been given the death penalty.

      For every extreme reaction to the Nebraska game that Mr. Otto read, I could give you two heinous comments from people around the country that hate everything Penn State.

      • adam says:

        i have a better reason to take a year or two off – Penn State’s depleted roster is making big10 teams look bad. This is resulting in them playing God using the ref’s to decide that Nebraska needs to win – because realistically, thats the only team that can go on and play against a Pac12 team without being 50 point underdogs.

        I’d rather have a fair game with fair officiating- than this crap i witnessed against Nebraska

  2. Joey P. says:

    You are part of the hysterical and most irresponsible media that has been calling for Penn State blood.

    • tlc says:

      This is how they make the media make their money. This has nothing to do with “fact”, “accuracy” or “bias” – journalists should look inside their own organizations instead of publishing such unintelligent drivel.

  3. smokeybandit says:

    You forgot #7.

    -Many newspaper sports departments across the state would be gutted if there was no Penn State football.

    Bet you didn’t think of that.

    But anyway, let me get this straight. Because *some* PSU fans were mad at a blown replay call (which the ABC crew and Nebraska radio guys agreed that the call was blown) this justifies why the program should have been shut down.

    Brilliant insight.

  4. Dan says:

    Cause only at PSU do fans go over the top when bad calls are made… ZzZzZzZzZz

  5. Scott says:

    By all means, continue making PSU football about the scandal.

    Penn State as a whole has moved on from what happened a year ago. Maybe those in the media still writing stuff like this should do the same.

  6. Billyboy172 says:

    Of all the ignorant uninformed articles I have ever read this one sits near the top. The negative false narrative of the media regarding this situation shows the ignorance of so called lazy journalists who never do their homework. It started with the bold face lie by Linda Freeh, er, Kelly in the GJ presentment, that was followed by the FACTFreeh report and now we have a lying unethical Baldwin to add the cherry on top. Cover up. Yeah right! Lets see, MM testifies and he would have to been part of a cover up and then flip (So called journalists lack the common sense to realize this). Joe testifies and doesn’t cop a “I don’t remember” stance, Curly, Shulz and Spanier are informed, MM tells pseople in his chat and face to face he saw JS in the shower :Horsing Around, and finally Second Mile is informed. If this was a caver up its the worst in the history of cover ups. To say it was done to avoid “Bad Publicity” is the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard. How times has Joe faced “bad Publicity”? about 20 times over 61 years. Most recently Rashad Casey.

  7. Bill says:

    This is the type of trash that poses as journalism. You really have to stop trying to perpetuate this cult myth. We are fans and to paint our displeasure over a blatantly bad call as having something to do with sandusky is a disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourself. This is the kind of worthless journalism that inspires the rush to judgement in this country. Get a life and go cover another team. Go make outlandish, moronic statements on their behalf and then pretend like you’re the great moral authority. Anyone needs to look in the mirror around here it’s you.

  8. Jason says:

    If you think PSU is fascinated w/ football and the revenue it produces go to a Ga, TN, Bama, or any other SEC game and tell me if there is any difference?

    I find it funny how media thinks Louis Freeh is awesome but look at his work (and I bet none of you read WHOLE report)… Waco – a mess, Olympics – pinned wrong person, World Cup scandal – over turned, Director of FBI – a joke. Report already proven wrong and folks like Bob Costas starting to question report. The victim Freeh said should go and find is 1) against Pa law to do 2) because he wasn’t found resulted in 3 Not Guilty and 3) when one was found he was interviewed by and expert (FBI?) investigator and said nothing happen (still creepy taking shower w/Sandusky). McCreary story shaky, changes, and even said he never said Anal rape or saw anal rape…

    Point of story is I won’t be surprised if the purjury charges and anything Freeh said is report will hold! Then again I won’t be surprised if it did!!

  9. Michelle Sinclair says:

    You have it wrong about Penn State!
    Consider voluntarily suspending your comments for a year. Would be a great service.

  10. MrBiggs says:

    The Penn State fans have shown a tremendous amount of support for these players who have stayed with the team. When a bad call happens some fans react however when a blatant call that isn’t even remotely questionable happens such as it did on Saturday, they perceive that action as an attack or an act of retribution on those young men. Young men who they already deem are being unnecessarily being punished. It has nothing to do with priorities or culture.

    The call on Saturday wasn’t even questionable.

  11. OttoMatic says:

    Rabid fanaticism is surely the reason corruption exists. Or is is a noticeable byproduct of its collective size. I mean, imagine the hotbed for corruption that Thon must represent–given the hype and enthusiasm that go along with it. And, clearly, I slept through the rabid fans of the banking scandal, barking at the fed for bad calls and presidency for enabling interpretation of the rules. Or, maybe there was no fanaticism for the banking scandal. Or, maybe fanaticism can be for good, as it is with Thon. Oh, wait, maybe there is no correlation between fanaticism and corrupt individuals, and anybody looking hard enough to criticize an institution will see justification in any characteristic.

  12. ss says:

    “There’s no time for PSU reflection, perspective & resetting priorities when folks are getting worked up over a call in a football game”

    I’ve got a degree in meteorology from Penn State, so I’m at least a modestly intelligent person. As such, I feel confident in my ability to manage my time well enough that I can allow my self to both reflect on the terrible things that happened and to enjoy (and sometimes get worked up about) a three-hour sporting event. I also feel that I am intelligent enough to understand the difference between the impact of a bad call in a game and the impact of child molestation. I don’t feel as though I’m in the minority in either regard. Give your audience a little more credit.

  13. Ellen Gerhart says:

    Seriously, have you actually ever attended a college football game? The word “fan” is short for “fanatic.” At Penn State we are supporting a group of student athletes who have chosen to remain with the PSU program, despite sanctions handed down by the NCAA…who couldn’t bother to take the time and effort to investigate (see Ray’s comments on CBSSports) or a Board of Trustees who have admitted that they couldn’t take the time or effort to actually read the Freeh report. Those guys are playing with character and pride and should be supported.

  14. JL Bartnik says:

    First, this is a Jerry Sandusky scandal. The outrageous sanctions against a group of young men who came to play football seems now to be nothing more than a jealous reaction of one overly powerful adult, Mr. Emmert. He had the help of an equally poorly managed Board of Trustees at PSU. The NCAA has not yet acted in multiple cases that actually violate their rules but worked to destroy a team with exceptional academics and one that the NCAA held up as a model program. This would appear to be more personal by the NCAA, the BOT and Gov. Corbett. I defy the press to take the energy to investigate the relationship between Mr. Freeh, his law firm, the Second Mile, Ms. Peetze and the other cast of characters who seem determined to “move on”. Why? There is no due process nor is there any public dialogue allowed. The BOT has eliminated free speech, except what they feel should be answered. I say to the press go to work and find out the true story.

  15. Mrs. A says:

    The Tweet you sent out about this was bad enough. But actually putting it in print here is just completely moronic. How you managed to link the anger of Penn State fans over a COMPLETELY blown call with not having perspective or enough time for reflection about the Jerry Sandusky scandal is utterly baffling. It has been one year since the story broke, during which we’ve had plenty of time to reflect and gain perspective. What do you expect us to do, shake our heads and say, “Well, the referees certainly blew that call, but I guess our football team must deserve it because of what that monster Sandusky did”?? Well, you can take your sanctimonious opinions and go write for another team, because we have every right and every reason to support this Penn State team by cheering them on to victory and by complaining as loudly as we can when they get cheated of the same. Who appointed you Chief Morality Officer? What a pathetic excuse for a reporter you are. Maybe you should go home and reflect on THAT.

  16. Itsagame says:

    Nothing against Penn State, but it should be a year to tone it down, fans. This summer you cried that your football team would lose, now you are doing well, which is good for your players and students! But I would suggest to tone down the accusations of being bullied. Bad calls are made every week. Yes, i believe it was a bad call. But I doubt it was made because you are….Penn State. Be thankful your team will go out with a winning year. Many teams have suffered much more with NCAA sanctions from much, much lesser crimes.

  17. Bob Mooney says:

    Mr. Otto,

    I’m going to toss out the same rhetorical question at you that I have tossed out at others who presume that Curley and Schultz (and, by extension; Paterno and Penn State) are guilty of a cover-up….

    “What if, at the upcoming trial, McQueary is discredited? What if Curley and Schultz are found to have been telling the truth? What if the media, the NCAA and Louis Freeh have trashed the legacy of an innocent man (Paterno), and trashed the reputation of a school whose leaders did nothing wrong?”

    And if you don’t think the good people of Nebraska weren’t every bit as apoplectic over the McCloskey catch in 1982 as we are about Saturday night’s fumble, then you haven’t been paying attention to the on-line post-game commentary out of Lincoln and Omaha……

  18. matt says:

    gee…i wonder what state all of you who are posting are from…

  19. Thaddeus says:

    Wow you Penn Staters are delusional! Your program needs to be shutdown and you people need to reflect on everything that is happened. Football is not what is important here, its understanding what happened and how to prevent it again. Let’s start by realizing who Joe Paterno really was…an egomaniac that profited off of the university and the Second Mile and turned a blind eye to the child rape to protect the football program and ultimately his legacy. Glad to see he has been exposed for who he really is. Open your eyes and see the truth Creepy Valley!!!

    • Ellen Gerhart says:

      Joe and Sue Paterno have been the epitome of generosity, dignity and grace for the decades they’ve spent at Penn State. Anyone who has followed Penn State realizes that the man portrayed by the media is not the man who had spent his life helping students (not just football players) be the best they can be, both academically and morally. That Sue Paterno continues to support PSU after the vilification her husband has received never ceases to amaze me. I can’t change the minds of those of you who choose to blindly accept what the media spews forth without actually taking the time to do some basic investigating yourselves. I’m not going to waste my time and effort on such a fruitless endeavor.

      • Bill says:

        And if I asked you 3 years ago you would have said Sandusky was the most charitable person in Penn State giving up his coaching dreams to run a facility for troubled kids.

        The delusional is people acting like they know Joe Paterno. Unless you’ve actually had a personal not work related relationship with someone, then you actually know them. Because you would of had nothing bad to say about Sandusky, who’s rotting away in jail, 3 years ago.

        • bugcatcher says:

          So Bill, tell me, when exactly did you meet Joe and Sue Paterno? How often did you interact with them on a personal level? Never? Yep. That’s what I thought. And you want to condemn them??? Give me a break!

    • MrBiggs says:

      Lets pretend i’m new here….. Please tell me the truth about want happened in this situation. However let me remind you that statements of truths DO NOT contain comments such as “I think”, “everyone knows”, “they had to know”, “you know they did”, I bet”, “Its a resonable asumption”, “I assume”, “someone told me”, I read it some where” and other comments that are nothing but speculation. Truths are supported by facts and you state you know all the truths, so much so that you feel Penn State should be shut down. Please tell me the truths……i’m waiting.

    • N Romer says:

      “an egomaniac that profited off of the university and the Second Mile and turned a blind eye to the child rape to protect the football program and ultimately his legacy”.
      The University profited from Joe Paterno, not the other way around! He gave back more than they ever gave him!

      Just how did JOE PATERNO profit from the 2nd Mile? It is/was a non-profit institution in which he had no involvement.

      Child Rape? In what instance was Joe Paterno involved with any report of child rape? Mike McQueary himself testified he never said such words!

      The football program needed no protection!

      His legacy was tarnished by the Board of Trustees, Louis Freeh, and the media.

    • Billyboy172 says:

      Thadeus maybe you check some facts.

      First we had a lying Linda Kelly tell everyone that MM saw “Sandusky performing anal sex…” and you bought that lie hook, line and sinker.

      Then we have the FACTfreeh report where there are about 10 to 25 reviews of it by attorney’s and analysts who say it isn’t worth the paper its written on. Find one review that says its credible.

      Then we have Mike McQuery who has changed his story a minimum of 3 times. When you see the pictures of the locker room you will realize it was impossible for him to see what he said he saw. And if you know anything about human anatomy and read his testimony it would be physically impossible for JS to do what Linda Kelly and Mm say.

      And lastly we have a lying Linda Baldwin who now claims she was not representing them but everywhere in the GJ testimony she makes everyone believe she is.

      You should view this 32 minute video and see just how the media has played this.

  20. Steve Ratcliffe says:

    I want to be fair to you. So I would like to read over some of your other articles.

    Can you point me you articles talking about punishment and hiatus you recommended to the Catholic Church for their cover-ups.

    Can you point me your articles talking about punishment to Congress, Senate and the President every time someone is murdered because they failed to remove guns form the public.

    I mean surely you believe in mass punishment.

    Because that is all you are talking about here for PSU. Punish the students. Surely they are at fault.

    The students did nothing wrong. The alumni did nothing wrong. 99.5% of PSU did nothing wrong. Yet you want to punish them.

    If you can not show me all or your previous articles calling for mass punishment in all violations then please keep your comments about PSU to yourself.

  21. Mark says:

    so penn state fans are the only ones who would be angry over a call (a wrong call, i may add) that potentially cost them a victory? shocked ESPN hasn’t called asking you to work for them. don’t know what penn state ever did to you, but you’re trying too hard here to take a shot at them. gotta believe you went to temple… or pitt

    • africamurphy says:

      He graduated from PSU but hated the way Paterno treated the press as a student and then as a sports editor. FWIW. Paterno–for his many positive attributes–didn’t progress with the times when it came to media savvy.

      No one is making themselves look “worse” in this case by being angry over a blown call. In fact, most of the nation is actually siding with PSU and its fans over the sanctions and now this “conspiracy” by the Big Ten refs.

  22. Richard says:

    Shut down the Packers too while you’re at it! Not to mention Michigan State after their PLAYERS’ reactions last week! Please, do us all a favor and shut up.

  23. Dave says:

    I am pretty upset with this article, not the refs. The refs blew a call during the 4 hours I watched and enjoyed football with my 3 sons and some of my best friends. We yelled, cheered, ate, drank, played football. I will not apologized for being a fan of anything from Sports, to friends, to politicians, to the Business School I graduated from in 1993 @ PSU. I realize as a writer you have to divorce yourself from being a fan, but I do hope that in life somewhere you get to feel the ups and downs of being a fan as it can teach one a lot about yourself, loyalty, friendship and family. Reflect on that.

  24. John says:

    You Sir are a dope! Can I get you a drink a while?

  25. Mark says:

    Couldn’t agree more. and All of these responses further justify your call. These folks have it so far inside their own orifices they can’t understand that outside the boundaries of their fairly tale world of what if’s, how horrendous their leaders actions were. What they don’t get is the fact when they ignore the real facts – that those in power in the football hierarchy – did have a hand in the scandal to some degree. And to the rest of us outside Fairy tale land – when they conveniently ignore the deeds of those who created this situation – that it can then make it appear that they themselves are supporting the deeds against the poor kids. But then, who wants to consider the kids, after all – the ref blew a call – and that more than anything is more important to these freaks than the real world. Good job to bring this kind of attention to their response. Think how better off everyone would be if these folks and the others who created this mess had the same outrage at the beginning of the deeds against the children. But then after all, who wants to hear about that when there’s games to play in support of good ol’ State College!

    • MrBiggs says:

      “that those in power in the football hierarchy – did have a hand in the scandal to some degree.”

      Really? I wasn’t aware the trials already happened? How did I miss that?

      Also who are these people in power of the football program you speak of. Obviously the head coach Joe Paterno….and maybe a Tim Curley who was the athletic director over ALL sports not just football. But who else? Gary Schultz had nothing to do with the football program. Graham? The president? he was in charge of the entire univeristy not just football.

  26. Wendy Silverwood says:

    Oh Chris…I’m very disappointed in this.

    I’m not a sports fan, I could give a flip about football. I’m no one in particular…just an outraged Alum & parent of an Alum. You and I both know that this entire tragedy is NOT about football.

    Chris, you follow my tweets…you know I’ve been ranting about The Second Mile & how our Commonwealth failed these kids. In fact you’ve retweeted me
    several times. I find your opinion rather disingenuous at this stage in the game.

    In fact, to continue bringing up football is an insult to these kids that were failed by the very system our State had in place to take care of them. I implore you to demand answers from these officials, otherwise child abuse will continue to simmer below the surface.

  27. Barbara says:

    The football program would never recover, nor would the many sports supported by football.
    If shutting down the program were the answer, then shut down the Roman Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America, the BBC…
    As far as the victims are concerned, drying up income makes it harder to settle their lawsuits and support the new center to treat and prevent child abuse.
    With historically highest graduation rates and among the most academic All-Americans, football players encouraged to live life as students (no athletic dormitories), players who take real courses — unlike those at some Big Ten schools — and no conclusive evidence of a cover-up, Penn State has no priorities problem.

  28. Itsagame says:

    When the coaches of a team go against the rules, it is always the students,fans and athletes who are punished. Usually it is due to recruitment violations. OSU could go undefeated and not play in any post season games. I am an Indiana grad….let’s talk about a team losing everything thanks to recruiting violations and a crocked coach (who is now coaching a professional team!)..but it’s hard to compare recruiting violations to child abuse. Apples to oranges. As I have said before, I am glad PSU fans/students/players are having a good year. But no one is out to get you. It was, to me a bad call, but you will never know if you would have won the game or not! I think PSU fans just need to tone it down….you are having a very good season, you are an incredible school…a little bit of humility would go a long way.

    • Bob Mooney says:

      It’s evident from te tone of your comments that you are not one of the blind haters out there…… here is my problem with your comment, though…….no one has proven that anyone at PSU did anything wrong….. Paterno and the administrators have been found guilty in the court of public opinion…… the commentary and the opinion and the conventional wisdom out there hold that McQueary is telling the truth and that Curley and Schultz are lying about, “who told whom what” back in 2001.

      What if the trial shows that McQueary is lying? What if Curley and Schultz and Spanier are telling the truth?

      If that trial shows that the administrators (and, by extension, Paterno) engaged in a cover up; so be it. The school is getting what is coming to it…… and this team is suffering for the misdeeds of others, which is how the NCAA has always dispensed justice.

      But until then, why is this school and this team deemed worthy of punishment in the eyes of the public when it is very possible that no one did anything wrong except for Jerry Sandusky?

  29. Ryan Owen says:

    I can’t believe I’m going to waste my time responding to such an ignorant person, but I continue to be shocked at how some people IN Pennsylvania don’t comprehend how the university is and has always been about more than football…BUT we love our team and community and have every right to cheer and support them, and yes – dispute times when our brethren are treated unfairly.

    I feel sorry for you and a life which I can only assume is spent with a grand self image and pride in believing in nothing and not understanding what a community is all about.

    I’m sure it is generally a good thing when there are a lot of comments on one of your postings because it shows you created a ‘buzz,’ but all you really did was embarrass yourself and make me never want to read this paper again.

  30. this is trash says:

    Must be a slow news day. Compete garbage and annoying to read

  31. do not agree says:

    Sorry, but I disagree.

    I look at this from a few different directions. First, shutting down the program “proves” to people that PSU is just football, which is not the case. PSU is a world class university with world class academics and athletics. What the university and the football program do is serve to bring 100,000 students, alumni and general fans together for 6 days a year to express their pride. And pride, right now, is something that we need to show the world what we have. We are not ashamed of PSU, we live and bleed PSU and that is something that will NEVER be taken away from us.

    One other thing to consider is the fact that revenue from the football program directly goes into paying expenses for many of the other athletic programs at the university. Would you rather have the football team take some time off or the wrestling team or volleyball ball teams or the fencing teams?

    Further, PSU is not just about PSU for the state of PA. The town of College Park has supported the university and vice versa forever. Taking away the revenue from 100,000 fans takes away millions of dollars from businesses, many of whom make yearly overhead from those 6 games a year. You have to look at the bigger picture when thinking about a large university. The same is true of Ann Arbor, Tuscaloosa, Lincoln, Eugene etc. Those cities rely on football revenue much like State College. Why should those businesses suffer?

  32. Chris says:

    Trash like this makes it obvious why you’re working for a newspaper in York, PA. I hope you don’t have any aspirations in this business because you’re better off picking up trash on North George Street. There are about 60-70 football fanbases in the rest of the country that would have been HOWLING just as loud as PSU’s were about a call like that being made. You think PSU fans are bad? Come down here to Florida or any other portion of the SEC. After seeing these fanbases here, you’ll find PSU’s to be a lot more sane. Next time when you want to make a statement from your ivory tower, do us a favor and just jump to your death.

    And one other thing — have some balls and make your e-mail available. Then we’d really see if you’d have the stones to write this crap after seeing your inbox overflow with responses.

    • chris otto says:

      My email is and has always been readily available.

    • Barbara says:

      I live in Florida and I, too, thought the reaction to the blown call down here might have reached proportions of a governmental investigation. I graduated from what some have called “a football school.” [I would dispute that football is the reason we love Penn State, since there are dozens of additional reasons.] I have been amazed at how out-of-proportion victories in football are here in the south, and the lengths proposed that teams should go to to win. I think much of the negative reaction comes from quarters where winning-at-all-costs is the norm.

  33. Gary says:

    Dude, WAYYYYYYYYY too many parenthesis!

  34. Bob Mooney says:

    Upon further review, I have to comment again…….

    I have read hundreds – maybe even thousands – of articles and blogs since last November regarding pretty much every aspect of the Sandusky case and its aftermath……..

    Many have been thoughtful and insightful…… some have been hateful……. many have been seemingly willfully ignorant of many of the facts that didn’t suit the point of view of the author……

    Of all the pieces I have read over the past year, though; this piece is easily the most inane…… second place isn’t not even close……

    Dude, you need to shut your keyboard down for awhile……

  35. Jack Smythe says:

    What is it that you do for a living?

  36. Mr. Beezer says:

    Wow, how did you get this writing gig? This is the worst piece of garbage I have ever read. You do not have the ability to cover a spelling bee.

    Have you ever been to a SEC game? I highly doubt it. If you think PSU fans overreact, they are nothing compared to fans at Georgia and Alabama. Would you suggest shutting down their programs because of their reaction to a very bad call, which was the case in the PSU game.

    So you believe shutting down a program will help in what way? Were any of the players on the team involved in the Sandusky deal? No, but you have the same small brain thinking of the NCAA and you go after the kids and not those involved. Those involved, every single one of them, deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law. You go after them, not the players.

    Walk about town and find out what PSU is really about. How about going to Tron and looking at the accomplishments of the students. To say PSU was involved means you and the ilk of the NCAA are condemning every single student.

    Remove the Nittany Nation off this blog because you are a a spewer of hate. Go after those involved. You are a nit not a Nitt.

  37. K. John says:

    Give it up. You continue to re-victimize Penn State, its students and its alumni by writing such nonsense. Penn State is the gold standard in college athletics. Joe Paterno’s Grand Experiment is the THE prototype of should be emulated by every school in the country not torn down by emotionally sensitive fools who can’t think for themselves. Here is a little inconvenient fact for you. To date, there is no evidence of a cover up. None. Not one shred. What there is is a ton of evidence that strongly suggests that Penn State handled the Sandusky incident in a responsible manner.

  38. Thaddeus says:

    How come everyone not affiliated with Penn State can see that the atrocities that occurred on the Penn State campus and in the Penn State football locker room SHOULD have been prevented? And how come everyone knows Joe Paterno should have been the one to prevent it? He knew he didn’t do the right thing and that’s why he is dead and his legacy is ruined because he was a fraud. If you defend Joe Paterno then you defend child rape. If I’m ever near Penn State I’ll go out of my way to find Paterno’s grave so I can spit on it.

    • Z-Man says:

      Thaddeus you are sick and need to seek help

    • K. John says:

      Don’t let facts (Joe did exactly what he was supposed to do) get in the way of a good rant. Joe was and is a hero. Period.

    • bugcatcher says:

      Okay Thaddeus, when have you ever been on the Penn State campus? When exactly did you meet Joe Paterno and have a conversation with him?
      Never? on both accounts? That’s what I thought. So, what makes you an expert on Penn State and Joe Paterno when you have no first hand knowledge of either.

  39. Jake says:

    This is a very correct, very responsible piece. Thank you for being a beacon of sanity in what has become a terrible scene down at Penn State. You hit the nail on the head, Im sure you already know. These commenters all let college, not even pro sports define their existences. Thats both sad and pathetic.

    • K. John says:

      There is no evidence showing any wrong doing at Penn State. The cover up story is a fabrication. All evidence strongly suggests that Penn State handled the matter correctly.

    • AO says:

      Chris, you have killed it. Right, wrong, crazy, sane, or whatever I appreciate getting a reaction out of people and you certainly did that, 54 responses on 6 tweets is pretty good.

      Penn St is never going to shake this as long as they play football, ask SMU. I understand it’s rough for a program like Penn St to fall so hard so fast, but they are and it’s going to continue. Tough break.

      1982 called in a favor on Saturday…unfortunately it didn’t cost you a title.

      • K. John says:

        And no matter what, Penn State is still a far cleaner, more honorable program that the filthy cheaters (not to mention dirty) from Nebraska. Compared to Penn State, Nebraska is a junior college.

        • AO says:

          Haha oh my…

          OK, I guess? I’m sure it’s a fine university, a “gold standard” if you will. Just so happens it is also linked to children being raped. Whether it’s true or not, cover up etc. that’s how it’s perceived. Sorry dude, I thought you knew.

          I hope there’s room in the NJCAA for us…

  40. Doug says:

    Obviously you have never been in Morgantown, WV or at an Ohio State game when there is a blown call. I am sure it happens all over this country, not just at Penn State.

  41. Mark Roberts says:


    Media’s response to Freh report which contains 1/2 of one side of the story’s facts and NCAA’s punishing potentially millions of people

    The publics outcry based on the above.

    Fanatacism won’t be…….

    NCAA and publics reaction when truth finally emerges that there truly wasn’t any coverup.

    It truly is sad when someone can publish or announce a half truth and the media is actually able to create a fanatical reaction with no desire to find out the truth

  42. Thaddeus says:

    Penn Staters: Please stop telling the sane people that there are no facts of a cover-up and most of the Freeh report is fabricated. You sound extremely stupid when you admit to believing that. The most important facts to me is that Sandusky roamed the campus of Penn State with his victims and committed child rape on the Penn State campus and in Penn State football facilities. Are these facts disputed? No they are not, therefore no sane person can honestly believe deep down in their heart that Paterno did not know SOMETHING bad was happening under his reign and that he did all he could have done to stop it. Paterno had practically absolute control over the football program yet you expect us all to believe that he knew nothing of what was going on with Sandusky? His trusted D-Coordinator! Very hard to believe by someone who is NOT blinded ignorantly by loyalty toward a child rapist enabler. Joe Paterno is a bad person. Money, fame, and ego is what Paterno stood for. The best thing that happened to him was dying, otherwise he would have been charged by the feds like the other two cronies.

    • K. John says:

      You don’t have even a basic understanding of the facts. If you did, you would no that there is no truth in your post. Joe Paterno is and was a hero. The gold standard for integrity and honestly. You would do well to use him a a roll model.

    • Dan Lef says:

      Thaddy, You don’t have any facts. 1. Sandusky was acquitted of rape on PSU’s campus. So you are not using facts. 2. Many of us have read Freeh’s report and you should too, of course maybe you can’t read, because if you could you would know that it is filled with innuendo rather than facts. 3. Freeh’s track record on leading high profile investigations is not very good. 4. You are a hater, pure and simple and most likely a Pitt grad.

      • Thaddeus says:

        Dan, I am not a graduate of a D1 school and I did not grow up in a college town so I have no allegiances toward one particular institution unlike you who clearly has blind loyalty toward Penn State and Joe Paterno. This is why I can see all sides of the argument and make an inteligent, honest opinion of the facts that are presented and assumptions can logically be made of what actually took place. I’m sorry you can’t look beyond your loyalty and see that Joe Paterno was a coward, a liar, a child rapist enabler, a jerk, an ego maniac, a heartless person that cared more about his reputation then the innoncence of children, and I’m sure many more bad things. And now he has nothing good left of his legacy and he got off easy by passing. He would eventually be in jail if he didn’t.

        • PsuGrad says:

          I find it ironic that you condemn Penn Staters for ignoring or avoiding what happened, yet your comments lead straight to Joe Paterno, whom this scandal is not about. While the media handed Paterno his cross, it was Jerry Sandusky who committed heinous crimes against children. And for your information (as I’m sure you weren’t aware–you don’t appear to be a skilled researcher) Penn State continues to raise money for child abuse awareness and prevention. Oh, and the football program participates. Penn State Alums have donated more than $500,000 to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), and the recent BlueOut football game against Temple raised nearly $75,000 for the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape. I support Penn State football players because they’ve done nothing wrong, and they shouldn’t be punished for the wrongdoings of others. I enjoy attending PSU games and rooting for my alma mater, but that doesn’t make me a blind follower of Joe Paterno or a delusional fan. I admire Joe Paterno because he was a philanthropist, and his players’ academic success can be largely attributed to his expectations of them.

          In response to the comments about Otto’s journalism, he clearly stated that this was his opinion. I, myself, am a journalist, and there is a very big difference between commentary and news.

  43. David says:

    How are fans of other big programs in the country any different than Penn State fans? Mr. Otto, are you saying that Alabama, USC, Oregon, Ohio State, Michigan, et. al. don’t need to reset their football priorities? Doesn’t the Nittany Nation blog and in general, the media, make money off of these sports? If your solution is a Penn State football death penalty, perhaps you and the YDR can take the first step and stop printing or reporting on anything to do with Penn State?

  44. Thaddeus says:

    Another thing for you Penn Staters to stop saying is that Joe Paterno was a ‘hero.’ I don’t know what your definition of hero is but mine does not include someone who enables child rape. Heroes are the likes of military personnel, firemen, policemen, doctors…not football coaches. Paterno turning a blind eye to Sandusky or doing only what the University policy stated he should do is not what a hero would do. A hero would not let a child rapist use his football facilities to committ his henous acts.

    • K. John says:

      I’ll stop referring Joe Paterno as a hero (which he absolutely is) when somebody produces actual evidence he did something wrong. Here is a hint, to date, nobody has. In fact, it has already been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he did the right thing. This of course is not surprising in the least since Joe made a career out of doing things the right way. As I said, you should follow his example because he was a great man in every sense.

      • Thaddeus says:

        Its scary that there are people like you in this world K. John. You can choose to believe what you want to believe and ignore the damning facts. The world you live in is not reality. Joe Paterno is as bad a person as Jerry Sandusky. He may not have committed the acts but he enabled them. And thats what this is all about, the children whose lives were ruined. Let’s not forget about the children, not like Joe Paterno did.

  45. RLH says:

    To coincide with the title of your blog, “Maybe PSU should have shut down football program for a while,” how about this: “Maybe YDR should shut down their Sports Editor’s blog for awhile.” I think you’re catching my drift. You are making yourself and YDR (since you represent them) look bad with stuff like this.

    And, as a Sports “Editor”, you should be reporting on stories/issues; all sides, rather than giving your opinion. When did the Sports Editor start writing for the Opinion column? Oh wait, he doesn’t.

  46. Stephenlight says:

    Well. The best that can be said is that at least we did not waste any paper in having your opinion printed. Mass guilt and punishment is apparently much more attractive than I has imagined…..

    So, Mr. Otto, when are you going to pay up for the worldwide recession that American Banking caused in 2008? How about an errant drone strike murder trial or two? Because, after all, your tax dollars helped support both of those mistakes, eh?

    Wow. Just wow.

  47. Steve Kostelec says:

    That ‘time for reflection’ shut-down is non-sense. A shut-down is for one thing only: punishment.
    If the author is referring to Penn State’s fans, the fans have absolutely nothing to be punished for. Are some of the fans boorish, vulgar, obsessed ?
    Of course, some are. But that is NOT a crime or violation worthy of a shut-down.
    Punish the guilty. Let the innocent alone.

  48. tnt robinson says:

    Now all the Penn State fans are feeling the pain that all of us Husker fans felt from the 1982 game. Now were even, lets start a new and great rivalry. Go Big Red.

  49. Marc says:

    Anyone who advocates that the current team, coaches, etc be punished for the transgressions of their predecessors then must believe that we should hold this same line of thought against all events. Hence forth; all Germans should be jailed for committing genocide, anyone of Japanese decent should be condemned for bombing Pearl Harbor, every Muslim should be water boarded and then detained indefinitely for the events of 9/11 and so on… Your reasoning and justification is unjust and poorly crafted (that is being nice). As was the actions of the NCAA. Mark Emmert could not defend his position and neither can you. Lastly – find me one fan base from any school who had a similar miss call go against them that did not make the same comments… In PSU’s case you would assume this would be exacerbated due to all the negative press and the collective guilty verdict they feel they are under. Fair is fair and the media has been far from fair. Freeh was not even fair, maybe not intentionally but in the lack of cohesive facts found surrounding the Sandusky case. Many parties were involved through the incidents yet PSU is the only entity being held accountable. I think the university has handled this well and am fine with all the sanctions barring the removal of scholarships and bowl ban (this directly impacts people not relevant to the crime). I am not saying they are fair or based on facts but the public, the media, the victims need someone to hang.

  50. Carole M. says:

    Wow! We Nittany Lion fans bad, rest of fans in nation good. How long have you been around sports Otto? Of course a bad call backed up by replay will get a lot of negative attention. At least we aren’t out poisoning trees like some crazed SEC fans. In fact, the last time I checked, Nittany Lion fans will be filling Blue Buses full of food for those in need this Saturday. Also, the football culture is so bad at Penn State that we surpasses all other schools in the Big Ten with four players up for All Academic honors (see for the news release). I am really tired of all of you Negative Nancys crying foul in the name of time and reflection. And who appointed you the judge and jury of what constitutes too much and too big? Name a sport college or pro that couldn’t fall under that charge. Fan comes from the word fanatic. Most of us have a real life and realize that there are more important things in the world besides PSU football. Like Bengazi and the suffering in the Sudan or in NY and NJ in the aftermath of Sandy. Or worry about the upcoming fiscal cliff. For some, focusing on football and other sports takes their mind off of life’s all too real troubles for a few brief minutes. The young men who are building a life after football by paying for a college education by playing football don’t deserve to have their dreams quashed just because people like you think their university, program, and fans need a little time and reflection.

  51. Penn Stater says:

    People got to realize that these are student athletes and had nothing to do with the scandle. A brand new coaching staff everyone is new. Why punish kids who had nothing to do with anything. Does anybody in this world have any sense to realize that Penn State Football should not be punished. People in the case should be punished. That is it. What has society come to by punishing the innocent?

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