My take: Maybe PSU should have shut down football program for a while

Solely my opinion here, folks. After seeing the ridiculous amount of anger and vulgarity spewed toward the officials involved in Saturday’s PSU-Nebraska game, I sent out the following “mini-editorial” in a series of six tweets on @YDRChrisOtto Sunday morning. For what it’s worth, I have felt this way since last November and I realize I’m in the extreme minority.

Here are the original six tweets:

  • The extreme reactions of some (stress *some*) Penn State fans to perceived injustice in a game (a *game*) yesterday in Nebraska… (1/6)
  • …makes me think again that best course of action might have been (self-imposed?) suspension of PSU program for a year or more… (2/6)
  • …The level of fanatacism over PSU football (& amount of revenue that creates) place a disproportionate weight that helped lead to… (3/6)
  • …the alleged actions by some (former) PSU officials to cover up heinous crimes committed by Jerry Sandusky over the years…. (4/6)
  • …my belief: A PSU program hiatus isn’t about “punishment” but time for reflection, perspective & resetting priorities — for all. (5/6)
  • There’s no time for PSU reflection, perspective & resetting priorities when folks are getting worked up over a call in a football game (6/6)

Fire away in the comments section below. I appreciate your thoughts on this.

— Chris Otto, Sports Editor

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