2013 Decommitments

In the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child-sex-abuse scandal and the subsequent NCAA sanctions, a number of student-athletes who had verbally committed to Penn State decided to withdraw their commitments and attend other schools. Those who have chosen not to attend Penn State include:

Greg Webb (committed 4/05/12, decommitted 7/21/2012)
Ross Douglas (2/29/12, committed to Michigan 7/24/2012)
Zach Bradshaw (6/27/12, committed to Virginia 8/7/12)
Will Fuller (6/5/12, committed to Notre Dame 8/5/12)
Dorian Johnson (committed 6/24/12, decommitted 8/7/12)

Also withdrawing his commitment for reasons unrelated to the scandal was Jonathan Walton (Committed 12/9/12, decommitted 1/13/13)

Penn State recruit Jonathan Walton now eyeing other options

Sanctions taking toll on Penn State recruiting

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