Penn State pre-national title game chat, 7 p.m., Jan. 7

Bill O’Brien is stealing a bit of that BCS national title game thunder with his Monday morning press conference.

It will be his first time speaking at length about his supposed NFL dance and then his re-commitment to coach Penn State in 2013.

And so we want to talk to you about that, recruiting and Penn State moving forward this winter and spring.

It’s the perfect warm-up to watching Notre Dame vs. Alabama.

Join Frank Bodani Monday at 7 p.m. at a special, new time to chat everything Nittany Lion football.

In the meantime, check out my story on why Penn State’s top recruits never doubted O’Brien and what his return means for recruiting.

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2 Responses to Penn State pre-national title game chat, 7 p.m., Jan. 7

  1. Steve says:

    With the departure if the linebacker from arizona, does that open an additional spot in this years recruiting class?

    • Frank Bodani says:

      Hi Steve… Good question about the linebacker departure. It should free up another scholarship. But I’m not sure Penn State actually will sign any new commits in early February. They may bank the scholarships to next year, meaning they could need help having the allotted 15 actually available.

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