Penn State “Black Monday” football chat, 8 p.m., Dec. 30

I will be chatting Penn State football and Bill O’Brien tonight from 8 to 9 … as one NFL coach after another loses their job.

Could O’Brien be named one of the replacements by tomorrow?

And if O’Brien does leave, who do you think should (will) replace him?

Has Bill O'Brien coached his final game at Penn State? We should know in the next week. Maybe sooner.

Has Bill O’Brien coached his final game at Penn State? We should know in the next week. Maybe sooner.

Interesting timing that Tampa Bay Buccaneers HC Greg Schiano was fired Monday morning … and that the former Penn State assistant had already been linked to a potential Nittany Lion coaching short list, if needed.

I will love to share not only your questions but opinions and recommendations when it comes to the coaching situation. So join me tonight for some useful holiday football venting.

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5 Responses to Penn State “Black Monday” football chat, 8 p.m., Dec. 30

  1. Chris Farling says:

    If this is going to be an annual thing then let him go. I will lose all respect for the guy and will feel sorry for the the kids he lied to. If he leaves it will not be about the money it will be about his ego….period. He has an opportunity to make 5 million a year for 20yrs at PSU or 7 for 3 or 4yrs. He has one of the best coaching jobs out there. He has done a great job at Penn State, but as far as I am concerned it was less about the X’s and O’s and more about commitment and keeping the kids together. If he bails he loses his credibility which to this point was his biggest asset.

    • Frank Bodani says:

      Hi Chris,
      I understand the thoughts about Bill O’Brien and loyalty. But just one thing to consider:
      At least yet, we’re not sure if he truly wants to leave or is just playing hardball to try and get things he believes he needs to keep the football program moving forward. There is a struggle over that, from what we gather, with his bosses. We will see soon enough.

  2. Kevin says:

    I really believe that if OB stays for three more years he could name his Nfl job what you think

    • Frank Bodani says:

      Kevin, I tend to agree. He may even greater leverage. Put it this way, he’s got super potential but he’s only been a head coach on any level for two seasons. He may only get one chance like this at the NFL. And the NFL will always be there for him, by the looks of things now. I say play hardball, coach at PSU for at least another year or two, then go for it, if that’s what he really wants.

  3. Becky Pia says:

    Maybe Cindy has an opinion about moving to another country. After all Texas isn’t really part of the US as we here in the east know it. Not very respectful to women there.

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