Johnson’s exit comes as a shock

Penn State fans were reeling after hearing not only was defensive line coach Larry Johnson leaving, but he was headed to Ohio State. Frank Bodani and Jim Seip discuss James Franklin’s first noteworthy days on the job as Penn State’s new football coach.

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Jim Seip wore a cookie monster costume to help close out the Spectrum on Oct. 31, 2009.
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2 Responses to Johnson’s exit comes as a shock

  1. Joseph Goldstein says:

    Can we assume that LJ loves Penn State, the fans and alumni. If so, with so many other options why did he pick Ohio State? He is getting the same position at Ohio State. I am going under the assumption that LJ is in the black and he doesn’t need the money to pay off his debts to the Mafia.(I read but I don’t know if it’s true that LJ is getting the exact same salary.) He could have looked around for a Job that would not have been distasteful to PSU fans. Positions {as we well know} are opening all the time. He could probably find a job as a DC (FBS school) or a Head Coach (FCS school). He probably could find a job as a DL coach in any other league besides the B1G ten. If I was not a PSU fan and didn’t “know” LJ I would say that he is being vindictive and petty. Do you have another explanation? I wish him great success in every game except the PSU game of course.

  2. Jim says:

    LJ had been passed over for possible promotions by Paterno, O’Brien and Franklin. If he felt like he needed to move on, I think the logical move is to go where you are wanted and go where your strengths can be appreciated. The Columbus Dispatch has reported Meyer pursued Johnson, so OSU definitely wanted him. And Johnson knows the Big Ten (until this move his only coaching experience was at PSU). So it makes sense that he would move to another school in the league, and he would want to move to one where he could continue to recruit Md., Va. and D.C. Does it look vindictive? Perhaps. But I think he made a logical move. He went where he was wanted.

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