John Shaw speaks out about Michael Sam and the NFL

Spring Grove’s John Shaw may well be the most outspoken former Penn State football player when it comes to Michael Sam.

The offensive lineman played for the Nittany Lions a decade ago and was joined by his older brother Jimmy, a defensive lineman who transferred in from Rice University.

John Shaw signs autographs before a Blue-White Game.

John Shaw signs autographs before a Blue-White Game.

Their younger brother, David Shaw, is heading off to play for Randy Edsall at Maryland.

John Shaw said the topic of homosexuality was never discussed openly in the locker room when he played at Penn State, and he did not know of any teammates or opponents who were gay. (He never hooked on with a pro team after graduation).

But Shaw, who now helps run the family’s worm farming business in Florida, has some strong opinions about the openly-gay Sam and the NFL. Here is his letter to the editor.

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3 Responses to John Shaw speaks out about Michael Sam and the NFL

  1. PSU Forever says:

    I respect John’s stance on homosexuality and Michael Sam for being brave enough to come out. I think boycotting the NFL is kind of stupid though. Would John have advocated that people boycott Penn State football because of Sandusky’s solitary actions? I doubt it. The NFL has bigger problems than one openly gay player. There are lots of players getting busted for PEDs, violating the league’s substance abuse policy, and there are guys out there who’ve been charged with beating women. I myself do not believe in homosexuality, but I do not hate homosexuals. I had and still have plenty of co-workers who are gay that I have great working relationships and who are great people. I think there’s also a double standard with regard to homosexuality too. Many straight men are repulsed and outspoken about it when its two men together, but yet so many straight guys out there love to watch pornography featuring attractive lesbians. I feel John is free to have his opinion and share it given our first amendment rights, but he could have been a lot more respectful about it. If people could just respect each other and not get so hung up on trivial differences, this world would be a much better place.

    • PSU Forever says:

      To expand on my point, guys like Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Vick, and Aaron Hernandez have dealt bigger black eyes to the NFL than Michael Sam. If John is going to boycott a sport because there are gay competitors, then he should just turn off his television. Just because they are not out of the closet, does not mean that they are not there.

      • Frank Bodani says:

        Appreciate the thoughtful and fair response to the subject, PSU Forever. I would have to agree with pretty much all of your points. Now, really, this issue is up to Michael Sam moving forward. If he is a tough worker, steady performer and good teammate, this will fade away pretty quickly. This will be a non-issue, as it should.

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