Penn State football chat, 8 p.m., May 19

While there aren’t any new verbal commitments, there is still plenty of Penn State football talk to get after.

So join me again tonight at 8 to chat about whatever you like: James Franklin’s Coaches Caravan Tour, recruiting, NCAA sanctions, the Paterno lawsuit, the upcoming football season.

James Franklin has been wowing crowds on the Penn State Coaches Caravan tour.

James Franklin has been wowing crowds on the Penn State Coaches Caravan tour.

We can hit on all of that and more. If you can’t make it tonight, make sure to drop a question or comment into the chat at any time and I’ll make sure to get to those first.

Plus, maybe you saw former Nittany Lion John Shaw’s take on Michael Sam and what he thinks of the NFL. If you didn’t, here it is from the Spring Grove native.

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10 Responses to Penn State football chat, 8 p.m., May 19

  1. Mark Frick says:

    Are PSU’s facilities as bad as coach portrays them? Seems to be his theme on the coaches caravan.

    • Frank Bodani says:

      Hi Mark… Don’t think James Franklin intended to describe Penn State’s facilities as “bad,” because they are not. But there definitely are some upgrades needed to get PSU back in line with some of the top programs, starting with Holuba Hall. Bill O’Brien was on this bandwagon, as well.

  2. grrf says:

    Who is John Shaw? Why should his prejudice be news? The courage of Michael Sam is undeniable. The Rams got a bargain.

    • Frank Bodani says:

      John is a former starting lineman. And because his views are so strong on such a hot topic, we wanted to make sure people were aware of his letter to the editor. It was a combination of those factors. Fans do care about what former players have to say.

  3. grrf says:

    Any word on John Reid?

    • Frank Bodani says:

      There seems to be some disconnect between John Reid and the PSU coaches. Have no idea of any details, but the four-star cornerback is very quiet about his recruitment and very little PSU talk. Pretty sure the Nittany Lions would still take him at any point.

  4. Mark Frick says:

    With all the talk about sanction relief, hear little about the erased wins. We’ll survive the other sanctions but this one is forever. Any thoughts on these being reinstated?

    • Frank Bodani says:

      I think that will be the last sanction to be dropped. Really think the NCAA must be forced to go back on this because there is not easy paid-for-their-sins rationale of reinstating.

  5. Mark Frick says:

    Name one true freshman you would love to see have a great season and impact our win-loss record?

    • Frank Bodani says:

      De’Andre Thompkins. His biggest impact should be made in the return game. That kind of success would be novel at Penn State … and exciting to watch, as well.

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