Penn State football chat, June 30, 8 p.m.

The games begin again in less than two months.

How much will Penn State miss longtime equipment manager Brad "Spider" Caldwell?

How much will Penn State miss longtime equipment manager Brad “Spider” Caldwell?

Actually, Penn State football camp is only five weeks away. What’s on your mind with the Nittany Lions as we head toward the holiday weekend?

Join me tonight at 8 to chat about the team’s prospects behind new coach James Franklin and star quarterback Christian Hackenberg. We’ll also hit on recruiting and anything concerning Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno, the NCAA and Gov. Tom Corbett.

Also, we will make time to honor retiring equipment manager Brad “Spider” Caldwell. Bring your best memories and stories.

If you can’t join tonight, remember to leave a question or comment throughout the day.

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6 Responses to Penn State football chat, June 30, 8 p.m.

  1. max in md says:

    Josh Adams was a shocker… now what?

    • Frank Bodani says:

      Hi Max. Josh Adams isn’t really that much of a shocker, especially if you were under the belief that he really wanted to get a shot at playing tailback. No matter how you viewed it, Penn State already has TWO top quality tailbacks. Josh would probably need to play linebacker or some place else.

  2. max in md says:

    Do you think getting Shareff Milller is now a priority now they are losing out on Cornell.

    • Frank Bodani says:

      I’m not really sure NOT getting Jashon Cornell has much to do with Shareef Miller. Just don’t see him as a high priority for the Penn State staff, for whatever reason. Not sure if it’s performance, academics or some other reason.

  3. max in md says:

    I heard Issah Prince is now a Osu lean..They are cleaning up this couple of weeks. I feel FRANKLIN needs a statement in landing a top recruit now.

    • Frank Bodani says:

      Max, I understand your thoughts. But also know that Urban Meyer and Ohio State are going to get their fair share of top-line recruits. This is a long process, seven more months and more. So, this is ebb and flow. Penn State still has a top-five class, which is all you can ask of Franklin.

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