Township official publicizes RTK request costs

Paul Knepper, a York Township commissioner, continued his efforts tonight to publicize who has filed Right-to-Know requests with the township and the cost of the requests.

You might recall that Knepper has previously proposed listing that information on the township’s Web site and in its newsletter. That proposal was tabled by a 4-1 vote in April.

However, tonight, Knepper brought a list of names and costs with him to the commissioners meeting and put them up on an overhead projector. He got the list through a Right-to-Know request that he filed.

Knepper pointed toward one resident — John Bowders, chairman of the York County Citizens for Smarter Growth — in particular. Bowders cost the township $12,489.40 so far this year while incurring a personal expense of about $42, according to Knepper’s figures. Knepper said he was not trying to say that Bowders was abusing the system.

For his part, Bowders said all his requests were relevant and he felt the numbers were padded because he received up to three copies of the same document from three different township departments.

Read the full story here.

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One Response to Township official publicizes RTK request costs

  1. The Drama Continues says:

    There should be a $$ limit that RTK requests are restricted to. At some point , persons requesting such info should have to cover some of the costs associated with providing this information.
    12 grand of taxpayer money so he can go on a fishing expedition ?

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