Track your bank’s financial condition

People at the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University have updated their Banktracker Web site that allows you to check up on your bank’s finances.

They calculate a “troubled asset ratio” that can give you an idea of how stressed a particular bank is. There’s a thorough “methodology” page that’s pretty much a must-read if you’re going to get anything out of the site.

 You can find your bank by name, or you can search by state, and the site returns results based on where the bank is headquartered. For example, York Traditions Bank comes up under banks based in York. Its “troubled asset ratio” in June was 7.5; the national median was 13. Generally, according to the site, the higher the ratio number, the more stressed the bank.

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2 Responses to Track your bank’s financial condition

  1. Dennis Mccormick says:

    Trying to find financial condition of Fidelity bank of Dearborn Michigan, Can you help me?
    Thank you
    Dennis McCormick

  2. wayne brewer says:

    can you tell me how sound is chase bank in colorado

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