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Holding feds accountable for stimulus spending leads to more and more questions

  It was a straightforward idea: How much federal stimulus money is York County getting, and what is it being spent on?  The answer, reporter Teresa Boeckel found out, was something like trying to find your way out of a maze … Continue reading

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Hitting 1,000

The state Office of Open Records had its 1,000th appeal filed recently. This was the first year for the new office. It serves those who are fighting state and local agencies for the right to access public documents. The 1,000th … Continue reading

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Fun with police reports

Sometimes these things are unintentionally funny.* As in this one, faxed early this morning from state police in Harrisburg. A trooper went to an address in West Hanover Township, Dauphin County, and wrote the following on a news release: “This … Continue reading

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See inside Harley workers’ tentative contract agreement

Harley-Davidson workers got a look at their tentative new contract this morning. It includes a commitment from the company to invest up to $90 million to restructure the York operations and that the company will discontinue its efforts to relocate … Continue reading

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See how much White House staffers make

Thanks to Robb Montgomery for this, what he calls a “live data graphic.” It looks like one of those dot-tests you do to see if you’re color blind. But when you mouse over the dots, you see the name, position … Continue reading

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What you (maybe) thought you knew about all this rain

**UPDATED Nov. 28 with November precipitation totals; see below.** * * * The last tears of a departing Hurricane Ida fell as light rain and drizzle in York County for the past few days — and it’s gone now, with … Continue reading

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Berlin Wall’s fall, in original documents

Good that the Wall came down, and cool that we can read some of the original documents from that time shedding light on what happened: A letter to Mikhail Gorbachev from an adviser, who said the wall has come down … Continue reading

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Crunching dropout numbers in York County

A truancy town hall in Dover scheduled for Monday night made me wonder if you could get truancy numbers from the state. And the answer is not literally — at least, I couldn’t find anything on the site — but … Continue reading

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Hey, feds: Exactly how much secrecy do you want?

Here’s an attention-getting quote from the director of the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center,* from a story in the Harvard Law Record, that seems to say the more transparent government is, the less it can be trusted: (Michael) Leiter said that … Continue reading

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Platts seeks top spot at GAO, which is what again?

York County congressman Todd Platts wants to be top dog at the Government Accountability Office (story here), which may be one of those agencies you haven’t heard much about. But it actually does some pretty interesting stuff. It’s known as … Continue reading

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