Platts, health care reform and sunshine

Some members of Congress — Rep. Todd Platts, R-York County, among them — support forcingThumbnail image for platts.jpeg a vote on a bill that would make ongoing talks about health care reform open to the public.

The bill notes a New York Times report that groups of conference committee members were allowed to meet privately, and an ABC News report that the “$1 trillion stimulus bill was passed ‘behind closed doors.’ Congressional Democrats also have been criticized recently for privately negotiation a tax break for unionized employees as part of the health care package.

Platts, in a news release Jan. 14, noted that health-care reform will affect one-sixth of the U.S. economy. “The American people have a right to have their voices heard and I will do my utmost to ensure that openness and transparency are brought into this debate.”

(Speaking of Platts, by the way, check the first comment on this entry for some props he got on another open government issue.)

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