Website aims to connect people with their government

It’s easy to complain — as I have occasionally on this blog — about how agencies and lawyers seem to try to keep info to themselves. But there is a lot of good open-records news out there, and part of it is embodied in a site called “govfresh.”

 The site brings together a lot of people who want to push for more open government, and want to maximize internet tools to help make it happen. The site describes itself as working to “inspire government-citizen
collaboration and build a more engaged democracy. We feature Gov 2.0,
open gov news, guides, TV, tech, people and official U.S. government
feeds, all in one place.”

Justin Mosebach of Lancaster-based Video Minutes, has posted on the site, which features posts from open-government advocates and government officials letting people know what they’re doing to increase access to public business.

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  1. Hey Scott, thanks a lot for the post!

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