Your call: How can Pa.’s RTK law be strengthened?

I wanted to ask you question related to Pennsylvania’s open records law that arises out of a story we ran:

“When open-records cases hit the court system, it’s ‘back to square one’”
– published in early May, Jeff Frantz’ story showed how a stronger Pennsylvania right-to-know law weakens considerably when a case reaches the court system. An agency that loses an appeal can take the case to court, thus delaying access to records and possibly leading the requester to drop the case rather than go to court. Some requesters are frustrated that the state’s Open Records Office doesn’t do more to back up its own decisions in court. Terry Mutchler, head of the OOR, recently said the office wants to do more.

 The question: What do you think is the weakest part of Pennsylvania’s new right-to-know law, and what should be done about it?

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