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Rendell vetoes bill that would have cut access to coroner’s reports

Gov. Ed Rendell said today that “the public right to information overshadows other concerns” as he vetoed a bill under which the public would lose access to information from county coroners. If the bill were law, coroners would be required … Continue reading

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State supreme court: Philly council can’t limit public comments

Jeff Shields of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports today that the state Supreme Court has told Philadelphia’s city council that it can’t ban public comments at regular council meetings. Shields’ report continues: “The court ruled, 4-3, that Council was in violation … Continue reading

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Editorial: State should have done more to investigate terrorism research group

The Patriot-News editorializes that the state should have done more to investigate why it spent taxpayer money on a group — run by former York police captain Mike Perelman — that was hired to provide information on possible terrorist threats … Continue reading

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Agency: Our mistake to release records, but it’s requester’s problem now

A Massachusetts agency tells a blogger he could go to jail for publishing information it says it was mistaken to release. Nice of the agency to warn him and all, but he’s not the one who released the information that … Continue reading

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Court: Agencies can’t charge for time it takes to compile records

Peter Jackson of the Associated Press reports the following today: A three-judge panel is ruling that Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law bars government agencies in some cases from charging for the time employees spend complying with open-records requests. In two rulings Thursday, … Continue reading

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